Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Well that idea didn't last long *sigh*. When I tried to fire up Linux on it's own hard drive, the monitor wouldn't wear it. Amazing! the day before it was quite happy using the onboard graphics.

I did have an idea of checking NVidea for some Linux compatible drivers for the G-Force GT250 that I use for Windows, but it seems that idea is out the window as I can't fire up the browser to get them. I 'spose I could download them on the other 'puter and transfer them, but if I can't get the Linux running anyway I wont be able to transfer them anyway, will I!

Another pain I notice this morning, is that I can not edit my site at all now I have lost my own copy during re-intallation of Windows. Normally I would edit the site on my drive and upload, thus overwriting the online version. (I thought I Had a full back up on a seperate drive, but this was not the latest effort I now discover). I was not initially worried as I thought I could use my ftp prog to get to the files on the host and download them back to my docs, thence to the Web Editor prog ready for editing etc.

This I can do with my 'Virgin' hosted pages, as they are uploaded with the built in ftp facility of 'Namo WebEditor'. Unfortunately I haven't figured how to this to the files made with 'WebSite X5' (hosted by in a way that I can re-import them to said Web Editor program for editing. Naturally I have noticed a glairing spolling mistake on line Hi, which I can not now correct. Yes, that's the one. Excactly instead of exactly on the Analogue SSTV page. Then again maybe you didn't notice after all. Damn!, I should have kept my big mouth shut.

I Have reinstated my Sirio 27 mhz half wave by the way. This is vertically polarized, and I'm using it for monitoring another interesting aspect of shortwave listening. ie the 'Freeband' fraternity. 27.555 +/- ssb. I wouldn't dream of transmitting my self on that frequency, but due to this mode/frequency's popularity world wide, I find monitoring this area more productive and interesting than some other areas that induce total boredom with their innactivity.

The Sattelit 750 is the ideal companion to the Sirio, so sstv and other data modes are catered for with the FT-897 and Pro Whip, using the desk top pc. The notebook is driving the PCR-1000 with HRD, which is used for shortwave broadcast listening.

D-Star is still brown bread, but I'll leave the 2 metre vertical up for now. General 2 metre listening is via the UBC800XLT and Discone.

That's about it for now. 'Steam' won't let me play Ship or Train sims now by the way. This is a stupid idea, using Steam, as I have the discs and games installed but can't play them *groan* 73 for now.

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