Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

22:07. That's it, had enough for today. Total shutdown, including myself. G'night all 73
17:04 local. Thought i'd take a break from the weather page and make a start on the BC log. Got it off the ground by backdating a few days, though when i'm going to add some more logs i don't know. Seems so much to do at the moment. Take this evening. Apparently there is something going down on 136 Kcs with ROS mode, and email reports (Automatically sent by ROS software) are requested by the station experimenting. Starts at 18:00 local, so i'll have a listen for that.

SSTV is a bit iffy again. Leave it running, see what turns up. It's the last day for the JASTA contest, so should get more varied pics from tomorrow.

XYL says 'Why don't i get a flat screen tv instead of watching that 22 inch bottle?'. Thing is though, after a squint at BBC news i turn the thing off for most of the day. The headlines are on my computer anyway, so why am i paying all this bread for a license, i ask myself. Mind you, i could have used a 60 inch flat job for the world cup, but how often does tht come round?. Yes alright clever, 4 years. I've got to be really desperate to watch the commercial channels, simply because i refuse to accept the blatant attempts at brainwashing and being shown 'THE BOURNE IDENTITY' AGAIN. On the rare occasion i switch from BBC i use the mute button constantly to lose the adverts, which are taking an increasing proportion of program overall.

The actual program is now beginning to interrupt the commercials, right?. Anyway, enough of this idle banter, 'm now going to check around the forums for new posts before i do some radio listening. KN
That's clever, the imprint says i took the picture after i got back home. Time travel even.

12:12 local, i'm back.

Here's the one i picked to use for the page, but hold on!. Have you spotted my deliberate mistake?. Yes your right, i forgot to turn off the date/time imprint. Blast!, that's not going to look good on the page, is it?. Oh well, it'll have to wait now. I can't be bothered to go out and do it all over again now. Lunch calls.
10:51 local. That seems to have sorted it. Noticed a very silly air pressure reading of 1034 mb this morning, missed that yesterday. Anyway, i have managed to recalibrate Cululus to agree with the readings from the weather station. checked for my area air pressure on the web for my area, so now reading 2022 mb.

Of course anyone reading the page at the moment will see 'Pressure falling very rapidly' on screen. That is because of the alteration i have made, and will settle down after a few exchanges of data have been made between the station and Cumulus (Software on the computer).

Maybe i can relax and go and get some nice forest photos now.

Monday, 30 August 2010

21:34 local. Closing everything down for the night, which includes the weather computer. Have to upload the accumulated data in the morning. Night all! 73
20:20 local. Another day pouring over a hot computer *sigh*. Not doing my minces much good i reckon. however, i seem to be making headway with the weather page. Still work to do, and i'm going into the forest in the morning to get some pics for it. Hopefully one will be suitable as a backing picture for the web page. Can't make the one i've got work with the font colours.

Haven't done any shortwave listening last couple of days, but will get back to it eventually. Going to make a log book page for broadcast, instead of putting reports on this blog. Tidy things up a bit i think.

SSTV quality is well down today, loads of weak images coming through. Oh well, that's live for you.
A cup of a Rosey is called for now i think, i'm spitting feathers.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

22:39 local. Had enough, still can't figure it. Try again tomorrow. Night all! 73.
22:18 local. This is doing my head in *sigh*. I've tried every logical way of modifying the Index page that auto uploads weather data, and still the page appears as the original. Apparently a file called 'Index T' gets uploaded afresh with each update. Logically, if i alter the html code of that file with an editor and save overwrite the original, there is no way the original can still appear on the web unaltered. Well that is if the page on the web is indeed over written each time, as indicated in the help files.
09:23 local. Incidentally, i've tried changing the ini file to reflect the right date for 'Records began' and uploading it, but the records page still refuses to show it. Life's a bitch, right? *chuckle*.

XYL has something lined up for me now , so that's it for now. 73
09:15 local. I have the weather page working ok, but the template supplied is a bit boring for my taste so i'm trying to figure out how to make my own and import the data from my wx station. It's not worth making a link from the home page, i don't think, as i am only going to take take the page off to modify it anyway.

If anyone actually reads all this stuff, i'll include the link here where the page is, and will be when modified, hosted.
09:12 Local. I wish i wnew why it does that?. Every now and again a picture will appear on the site oversized resulting in the whole page being screwed up. The only way out is to load up enough pics to fill the page and chase the duf one through, which i have just done . Hopefully i can now carry on with fresh uploads as normal....Again!.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

09:38 local. Seems to be some action on pskmail already this morning. Went dead just now, but realised the batteries had gone in the Roberts. Sorted a power supply, so now ok again.

Can't see any call signs in the messages above. Obviously someone with a yacht sending. Had the program 'pskmail' running aswell, but apart from a small burst of script nothing happened. I was kind of hoping that it would log actual messages, as opposed to the data flowing up the page and dissappearing for good on Fldigi and Multipsk. Something on the lines of ROS, which automatically logs calls at least. Anyway, something else to play with.

Gut Ubuntu user mag yesterday, basically for the disc included. I was thinking, and even made a start, on replacing windows on the notebook with Linux. I have used it before and found it very good. I didn't finish it, because i then thought of downloading Fldigi to it so as to use it portable with the Roberts with a view of recieving pskmail. After that i thought of the extension lead idea to the main computer, which i prefer using because of the large screen.

Might do it today, not having anything to loose as i have an restore disc supplied with the notebook(Novatech) to replace windows if i want.

Friday, 27 August 2010

That's it, one brief peace of inteligent text, but enough to show we're in busines.

20:56 local. Spent most of the afternoon making a web page for my weather centre. No problem getting Cumulus to talk to it, but tarting up the page is another story. Initially i transfered the original html to my editor and after changing the colours etc to my liking, i loaded it up. That worked ok, but as soon as Cumulus sent an update of data, the page reverted back to the original.

I had thought that the page would remain as i wanted, with only the data being altered by Cumulus. Obviously not the case, blast!. I decided to play with something else. maybe something will come to me if i don't concentrate too hard on it.

Over to pskMail. 10.147 is where it's at, however, a snag already. There's a computer sprog right on frequency. Same on the alternative of 14.090. Brilliant!, that's all i need.

Thinks!. Try a radio away from the computer gear. Grabs the Roberts R861 and tunes for 10.147 on the other side of the room (Log wire around the window frame). Nothing!, all clear of sprogs. Great, now what?. Simple, run an extension audio lead back to the computer. Just done that and immediately fldigi showed a brief burst of inteligent text using bpsk-250. Wer'e in business.

The cursor was on about 75 hz when i recieved something, but it keeps jumping back to 1500. Wonder if that is really the default pskmail position?. Anyway, it's gone quiet now, but will have another listen during tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

19:06 Well that was quite painless, unusual not to have some sod's law in configuring something new. Put the weather centre together and fixed it to a redundant bottom antenna section and held it up with a bracket bought today at BQ for the job.

Fired up the base unit and all came to life. All readings ok. Then installed the 'Easy Weather' software and fired that up. Voila!, in business. I have an extension lead from the computer in the bedroom to the base unit in the room closest to the outdoor sensors, which i had used for the SBS1 unit.

Next i turned off the 'Easy Weather' and fired up the 'Cumulus' software and configured for 'Fine offset'. Once again no problem. Couldn't believe everything had gone so smoothly, but there you go. Been messing about with various configs since, but saving the web page part for later. I know uploading a target page is straight forward, as i've already done a dummy run recently. The test will be auto uploading data at regular intervals. Can't see any reason for worries there though.

Might have to replace the digi sstv page to do it however.

Earlier, after perusing Radiouser that i bought today, i downloaded a couple of progs mentioned therein. One was PSKmail, and the other KG-ACARS. Neither of which i've had much luck with running. As to PSK mail, i couldn't find any action on 10.147 to try it out. And KG-ACARS was a bit iffy to set up. All the config setting seem to come up with a question mark against them and i couldn't decode anything, even after various trial and error settings to get the prog to listen to my radio. I did get the sound from the notebook so data was going in anyway. looks like it could be a very interesting program when it's running, but it's brand new and written by a Japanese gentleman just like KG-STV. No doubt clear instructions in English will soon appear. I'll keep looking.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

22:04 Reckon i'll hit the sack, eyes are closing. Couple of stations in the log worth a mention today.
HCJB Global Voice Australia@16:00 bst on 15.340 Mhz 'Talk about mosquitoes and glue ear'. EWTN Global Catholic Radio@21:57 bst on 15.610 Mhz 'Listeners questions/Family prayer'.

Couldn't resist the Spurs match on tv when i should have been monitoring Hi!. Night all 73.
18:37. Raining pesistantly.

Well that' it, i've finally made my mind up about what to concentrate on shortwave listening wise.
Broadcast it is. Why?. basically, in the main, it's because i can always find something to grab my interest whatever time of the day it is and whatever the condition are prevailing, which means not just hanging about on some frequency or other waiting fruitlessly for something to happen. The Ham Radio Deluxe log book facility fits in nicely too. Digital modes are ok, but they are more suited to interraction (Two way contact) rather than monitoring, to be really meaningfull i think.

Anyway, i seem to have found a decent community to join at last (Shortave-radio), so hope this is where i can settle down. With over 250 post already this month, it looks pretty lively so looks very promissing.

I see the sun spot level has risen to 11 from 0 of the last couple of days, so hopefully things are looking up SSTV wise. Got some mediocre stuff coming in at the moment, but might pick up in the next couple of hours before dying for for the night. Still the same stations calling JASTA. Can't see them reaching Japan in these conditions though. Got to hand it to SP8LEP though, he keeps hanging in there.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

21:24 local. Oh dear!, sstv didn't pick up this evening. Trouble with having a live cam, is that the whole page could end up with rubbish pics on it, as is the case today. Oh well, always tomorrow. Might as well call it a day and switch off now.

19:05 local Concidering the hf conditions are well quiet at the moment, Kinloss Rescue is fully readable on 5.680 usb. Radiocom 6.0 here is scanning all known channels for activity.
15:30 local.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon messing about with 'Shortwave Log'. In the end i scrubbed round it *sigh*. The hassle i had with downloading it?. Well i was warned that XP didn't like it, and they were right. I did eventually get it up and running after downloading the required files from Microsoft. These took an age because one file that i was asked for after half an hours downloading, that i didn't have, meant i had to start all over again once i had the relevant file, which also took and age to download. Another half hour to get back to the same place and then to continue for another age.

All the time my connection was getting slower and slower. Down to about 34 kbs in the end. What happened to this 8 gigs they advertise?. Never happens. Most i've had is about 140 kbs.

For some reason i was under the impression that Shortwave Log would also drive my PCR-1000. In reality it had the option to drive someone elses instead on line. Half the data base links wouldn't work and the maps didn't show bc sations as i though they would, so i gave the whole thing up as a bad job and deleted it all.

Still can't make my mind up what to concentrate on radio/web site wise. I've made a digital sstv page, but since making it i haven't heard a peep out of digital sstv on the radio. Probably that page will lay dormant until i change it. The only definite action seems to be JT65-HF, Ros and PSK31. I'll figure something out in th end i expect. There's always sbs1, but the trouble with that, is that it takes over the computer if i want to upload screen shots every minute.

Bought a book on Visual Basic yesterday. When i get my brain into 2nd, i'll mess about with that.

I have a weather station still in it's box. I have already experimented with a page design for uploading data and put it temporarily online. However i can't figure where to mount the kit outside at the moment, so i've taken the page off for the moment. Need another pole on the side of the bungalow for the kit.

Been spoilt with the Pro Whip. It outperforms the long wires and quater wave mobile whip i had on a metal roof. It seems a shame to just have it connected to the sstv rig only, as i want to use it for shortwave listening in general.

Looking at the pics at the moment on site, you'd think the ant was not up to to the job, but the i know the conditions are completely naf at the moment, propogation wise. Usually, the 'grey line' morning and evening sees some half decent pics coming in.

I've just tried to cheer up the PCR-1000 with a couple of 'slinkies' in series as a long wire. SSTV is still not matching the Pro Whip, but 'Broadcast' is really good , and Kinloss Rescue is perfectly readable. If i didn't have the Pro Whip, i wouldn't know any better and reckon i would be well satisfied, taking the conditions into acount.

Looks like the rain's here. Forecast is heavy rain tomorrow. Reckon it's come early.

Got a real interesting site on the note book at the moment
Makes you wonder why we fork out all that bread for our own kit when it's all there for free online, and better coverage too..... Time for a Rosey i reckon.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

22:09 local. That's it for another day. Been sat on 3.733 for a couple of hours, but apart from a brief message in the EasyPal waterfall it's dead as the 'Python's' Norwegian Blue parrot. I'm going to bed. 73 all
19:27 local. Nothing for me today regarding digital sstv, though i must admit i did see one brief attempt on EasyPal this afternoon which was too weak for me to decode. I would imagine most of the regulars are a bit cheesed off with the 'JASTA' guys decorating the scenery with analogue and keeping their heads down 'till it's all over. Goes on untill end of the month apparently. Mind you, analogue hasn't been brilliant today either. I know i'm using my secondary and less efficient whip for that, but i'm pretty sure the conditions are not as good as yesterday.
19:02 local. Well i got there in the end. managed to get a new page up and running for KG-STV to take the place of the weak signal mode cam.

Always a murphies law when you try these things, right? Arranged the page nicely, then when i tried to name image1.jpg on the table, an image kept appearing *sigh*. I then had to hunt through all the files o the computer to find where this image was coming from. I made a search and deleted what the find came up with but still it would appear. I finally found it within the images belonging to the 'Digital Shortwave' page. I deleted it from my end, as opposed to the page on the server and i was in business. Amazing how long these things take.

Don't know how much trade i'm going to get with this mode as i guess it's early days and guys will have to switch from EasyPal to try it out. I guess testerday i struck lucky, as either it was an arranged net or maybe just coincidence, but i did get some action anyway as the uploaded pics show.
12:26 local

These are images i picked up yesterday with a new digital sstv program that guys were experimenting with (KG-STV). I'm not sure whether there's going to be enough trade to warrent a digi sstv page on the site, so i'm putting any images on here whilst i think about it. I could make a new page and just upload pics as and when i happen across them which obviously would not be, as is the case with analologue, a live cam.

Problem with the live cam idea, is that the best computer/radio and antenna would be tied to one frequency, which would mean i couldn't tune around for other stuff at the same time of course.

09:03 G'Day!.

All up and running. Bit of an experiment today, like evaluating the digital sstv scene witha view to changing the ROS/JT65-HF modes cam to one of digital sstv instead. Not sure if this is going to work at the moment due to all the analogue guys decorating the rf scenery with their JASTA working.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

15:21 Found something else to play with today. New Digital SSTV mode called KG-STV. Here's a screen shot. Captured 4 pics ok, but like the one you see here, there are lots of pixels missing. I'ts like digital tv reception wise, as when the signal drops to a certain level it just dissapeares completely. At least with analogue you still get some sort of picture. Still, something else to play with.

Unfortunately the JASTA contestants were all over the frequency most of the time, so lucky to get anything i guess. I've just discovered that JASTA actually stands for Japan Amateur SSTV Association, and the contest is running from the 1st of this month to the 31st *sigh*. Going to be a long month.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

21:39 JT65-hf Brazil
21:14 local Well that wasn't very nice. The Spanish station calls out cq with Hellschreiber and another then calls cq with psk right on top of him. Loads of room as you can see, and the psk guy should have been further toward 070 anyway. 073/4 is normally used by Hellshreiber, MFSK 8/18 and Olivia. Get p to 076 and we're talking JT65, which i have been recieving on the other computer. Brazil is the furthest contact at the moment this evening. I'll include a screen shot after this post.

Got a bit fed up with the same old stations calling cq sstv Jasta, so i've been looking at other modes today. No point trying digital sstv as the contest guys, as per usual in whatever mode they happen to be using, are walking all over the adjacent frequencies, thus rendering them useless for the mode they were intended for.

Always the same with contests. Sod you jack, i'm alright. This Jasta seems to be going on for ever. Usually contests last the weekend only, but this has been going at least a week now.

Can't see the point really, as only the same few guys chucking out megawatts with antennas as big as my bungalow, are going to get high scores anyway.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

21:36 Where i have been for a change for the last few hours, well apart from watching 'School Of Rock' on tv yet again. Good film though. Anyway, plenty of Europians on frequency but didn't notice any UK operators. Not that there should any be using usb on this frequency Hi!

Radiocon 6 is ok for general listening and navtex, but the psk and sstv decoder options don't come close to Multipsk. Even wefax is not as good as the previous version, strange that. Loads of audio analysers and the filtering is good, but i guess i'll have to wait for a real sdr for the frequency spectrum. Downloaded a demo version of the Win Radio Excalibur, love it!. Now all i need is 650 quid. Price is £50 more than Perseus, but i still prefer it. All accademic at the moment, as i can't afford either of 'em. Dream on baby!.

Oh well it's gone 10 o'clock, think i'll call it a day with radio. 'Night all 73

Now that's not bad for psk31. Indonesia (YB9EA). Can't get much further than that. Maybe VK next?.

14:46 PSK sure is a popular mode

Saturday, 14 August 2010

17:07 Had the main computer on ROS mode all day, but i don't think real dx is
on the cards. Not a bad day with sstv trade. Lot of stations on top of each other at times which obviously ruined some pics. Kept moving between 14.277 and 14.236 Mhz to try to catch the best, which resulted in incomplete pictures occasionally. Oh well, can't win 'em all. Saving the best to a seperate file for uploading sometime to the log.
Hard to know when to pack in the auto uploading, as if left too late and the signals go down the past twelve pics recieved page looks a mess. Sometimes i look at other 'last twelve pics' sites and wonder if they really are as such, or whether they have just uploaded the decent ones as they are recieved. Look too good to be true, some of them.
JT65-hf has ben running on the note book all day, with Russia, Germany, Sweden and Hungary keeping the screen filled there.

Friday, 13 August 2010

22:30 local. That's a pretty good picture to finish the day with. 'Night all, 73.
21:22 local 20:45 listened to the news from Iran on 7.025, followed by EWTN (Global Catholic Network) at 20:57 on 15:610, very strong sig. News and the churches stance on homosexual marriages. Then Radio Tirana, Albania. at 21:10 on 13:640. R5 S9+ News and Music.
20:12 local There he is. Good old Brother Stair giving it large as usual on 6.155 Mhz. Looks like someone out of ZZ Top actually. Well ok, i'm exagerating the beard a bit. knocking on a bit now though. Reckon he must have started preaching about the time William The Conquerer made the Saxons very cross in England. Strooth!, he's just given about 13 different frequencies the overcomer ministry is using.

Now that made me laugh. Giving out the url he pronounced it 'Overcomer Ministry dot orgy'. Erm, i think he meant dot org. Bless 'im, he's going a bit scenic.

Let's see if we can find anything other than China Radio Int'l....After a nice cup of Rosey
19:59 local WA3TLT (States) calling cq there. Didn't show up on the 718 with either a short whip or a indoor long wire. I could well use another Pro Whip here for the 817, or maybe an active ant. Oh well, soldier on with what we've got for the time being.

By the way, that Win Radio Excalibur looks a bit tasty. I've been looking at it on you tube this afternoon. 5 numbers, that's all i need tomorrow *smile* (Saturday's lottery).
19:27 local Nice little haul of psk there. The yellow ones are ROS i picked up earlier by the way. Think i'll try something else now.
18:52 local 14.070's lively
18:44 local. Nice strong 'Hell' from Italy

Not a peep out of sstv this afternoon, but ROS is picking up. Shows the value of weak signal modes i guess.

As you see the qsb is bad at the moment, and 4 megs at 3 in the afternoon is not ideal anyway. Have another go this evening.

Well , with the current equipment available i decided the SBS had go back to the reserves bench.

I am now sticking with the ssstv and digital cams, with the main computer being used for general shortwave listening with the PCR-1000+8 metre pro Whip driven by Ham Radio Deluxe.

I've just had another go at installing RadioCom 5.2 and this time it worked. Think maybe i had some file missing since the last full windows re-intall, which has been rectified by automatic updates since. Anyway we're back in business and recieving Northwood fax again. For some unknown reason, the picture quality is better on this version than the later Version 6, which i also have. I'll include a screen shot in a minute. Deep qsb about at the moment, but picture quality is still pretty good concidering.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


That made a change, a bit of Hellscreiber. I decided to close the sbs1 and use HRD and the PCR-`1000 to have a look around. Only problem with the sbs1, is that it takes over the main computer completely *sigh*.
Anyway, i was looking for some JT65-HF on 14.076 when i heard the tell tale rasping sound of Hellshreiber. I just managed to Load up Multipsk to grab the screen shot above. The PC-1000 is quite happy on the long wire, so the Pro Whip will stay with the DX-394 which continues to upload SSTV.
As to the digital and SBS. Well i'll have to rethink those. If i want to trawl the shortwaves, then the SBS is going to have to go. That is untill i can devote a computer exlusively to it. Digitally speaking, i have the net book and radios available, but not the antennas. I can still upload digital stuff from the main computer/PCR-1000, depending on whether i am on frequency or tuning somewhere else. As i type this, for instance, i'm listening to China Drive on CRI. Maybe it's an idea to have a 'screen cam'. That is to say, whatever i have on screen at any given moment will be uploaded. Bit like a shack cam, i guess.
I have to remember that this is basically a make shift shack, whilst i sort out a new permanent one. Can't expect to cover everything on a bedroom table, can i?.
Hello!, the modem (Belkin) has gone again. Dont know why it does that, but every few hours i have to re-boot it. Maybe overworkerd/overheated. Have to bump start it again to upload this post before bed. Ok, it's on line again so i'll call it a day and hit the sack. 'Night all 73

21:25--SSTV off line--.
18:53--SBS and Digi cams off line---.
08:30-- All cams on line--G'Day!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

21:57 All cams off line--.

Been trying a bit of Broadcast listening today. Actually, out of the two recievers i used, i ended up prefering the FRG7 to the 7700. I'm not mad about the fine tuning only being available if the memory function is used on the 7700, though that's not so important with am of course. However, another odd thing with the 7700, was that the tuning stopped short of round numbers. That is to say, if 8 to 9 megs was selected. i could not tune past 8.850, if i remember correctly. I've put the thing away now.

I was trying to tune around 8.900 for aircraft and couldn't reach it, or drop down to it from the 9 megs selected. Weird!. I swapped for the FRG7, and although there is so digital readaout, i found the set just as sensitive as the 7700 and decided i liked it better. Oh well, at least the 7700 will look nice in the new shack, once i get round to building it.

Stiff wind got up this afternoon, which moved the 8 metre Pro Whip about a bit, but it seemed quite happy so i didn't lower it. I expect if i hear a gale or thunder storm is on the cards, i'll drop in down though.

Shutting the pc's down now, so finnish the evening with some interferance free bc listening.
Night all! 73
16:58---SBS cam back on line--.
16:36---SBS off line---.
13:13--All cams on line--.
12:31---SSTV cam on line---
11:51--Digi cam online--G'Day!.

Leaving sbs and sstv for a minute, as i want to play with other things with the computers. The sbs, in particular, is a pain as it takes over the main computer. There is no activity on 14:230 at the moment, but if things liven up i'll put the sstv cam back on line.

Monday, 9 August 2010

21:56---All cams off line---.

Just downloading open office (141 KB/sec at moment, not exactly warp speed, right?). Maybe i can use it to come up with a satisfactory way of including my digital logs on their own page. Probably have to upload word or pdf files i suppose, but i can't see anyone bothering to open them. Better if they were already open on a page, which i could just type in new additions as and when. Not sure if that's possible as i don't have any experience of spread sheets etc. I'll have a play anyway. The sstv log is not a brilliant idea, but all i can think of at the moment.

Still 10 minutes to download, going to read a mag for a bit and leave it to it.

Well chuffed with the Pro Whip. SSTV coming in nicely today. Managed to water proof it ok, and just in time as the forcast is rain overnight. According to the widget on my site, that's not the case. Oh well, i'm prepared anyaway.
11:59--All cams on line---
G'Day!. Just returned from B&Q, where i bought a metre of plastic drainage pipe. This to go over the base of the pro whip to waterproof the connections to the balun and generally make the thing look a bit tidy. Hides the elastic ties etc.

I'll do that while i'm waiting for the veg to cook. Only trouble with veg, is that it stinks the place out. Still, got to think of the old stomach i suppose. Too many ready meals are not good, right?.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

21:52 ---SBS cam off line--That's it, eyes are closing now. Calling it day. 73 Night all!.
20:46 Went to the Wimborne radio rally today, came back skint as usual. Tried to choose between a Pro Whip antenna (8 metre job), and an FRG 7700. Couldn't make my mind up, so bought them both in the end. Don't regret it though, as i'm pleased with both purchases after playing all afternoon with them. Brother Stair is giving it large on the FRG as i type this. Using a long wire at the moment.

The whip, which i have just telescoped and brought inside for the night, was connected to the DX-394 via a KW AT-2000 ATU. Soon as i connected it up the psk came belting in on 20, so i knew all was well. I then left the radio sat on 14.230 and bagged a few sstv pics before i decide to dismantle the antenna. It looks too' knickable' as it stands at the moment, as i only have a front garden to put it in. I'll think of something more secure before leaving it out.

Right, time to have a last play with the FRG for this evening. No ROS or JT65 happening, so i'll switch that off now, along with the SSTV cam.

21:24---Digi and sstv cams off line---.
13:30--All cams on line---G'Day!.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

17:07--All cams off line for the day---.

Not a peep out of ROS or sstv, though JT65-hf has been coming in ok, despite the de-sensing effect on my gear by the CB'er over the road.

Oh well, time for 'Her indoors' *smile*. 73 all
07:44---All cams live---G'Day!. Now going to feed the cat, then my self. Eyes down for another day on the Earth plane.

Friday, 6 August 2010

21:59--All cams off line--Another day over.

Amazing how computers always want to argue. All i want is to make a back up of my sbs1 data base, something which is normally straight forward. Tonight?. No. It freezes, ie 'not responding'. Sodit!, i'll forget it 'till the morning.

No sstv today, but had some luck with jt65-hf and ROS modes.

Bought some jeans and trousers today. 15 quid for the trousers, which cost another 9 to take them up!. Try and find 30 inch leg anywhere. Either 31 or 29, both of which, are no good to me. Mind you, i did actually find some 30 inch jeans in Debenhams. Brilliant fit!. Not a patch on the hipster flaird cords i wore in the seventies though. Would look pretty stupid wearing them now at 67 years old, even if they were still available, right?. Now where did i park the zimmer.

Night all, 73.
12:09---G'day!, SbS and Weak sigs cams on line---.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

22:12--All cams off line---Time for bed.

Pretty quiet day, but burst of activity this evening. Some ROS stations, and a few pics from a Dutch SSTV station on SSTV. Had to leave the ROS on the net book, as the sstv widget wont work on it. I could, of course, just use screen shots to send the latest image, but that means re-designing the page to take it. I'll leave it as it is for the moment.

Switched radios for sstv again. Trying out an old DX-394, and it does seem to do the business with a long wire around the ceiling of the summer house. Anyway time for a last rosey, a little read in bed of 'Combat Aircraft' magazine and kip. Thinks!, seems a million years ago i went spotting my first aircraft. USAF Thunderjets at Manston, and Bristol freighters at Llyd. Early fifties that was.

The only aircraft i have flown in are all obsolete, just like me *chuckle*. Handley Page Hastings (Singapore to Chang Mai, Thailand/Labuan,North Bornio and back), Vickers Viscounts (Lerwick, Shetland Islands), Bristol Britannia (UK to Singapore) and Dehaviland Comet (Singapore to UK).

Common in my main spotting days (Dover late fifties) were Connies, Viscounts, DC3's 6's and 7's, and Globemasters. Mil stuff of the day were Hunters, Javelins, Meteors, Canberras, Victors Valiants and Vulcans.......and i was going to bed. 'Night all 73
21:01---SBS cam back on line---.
20:47---SBS cam off line---.
07:57---All cams on line---G'Day!.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

23:11---All cams off line---.
22:40 Another fun day at the computer.

Thought i had it all sorted nicely, 3 computers all sending data to the site. No sstv pics being uploaded. Why not?. Blast!, the widget is not working. Tried reinstalling/reconfiguring etc. New install of MMSSTV, and still no joy. Only thing i can think of, is that the widget doesn't like windows 7 (net book has the starter version, which doesn't have the automatic XP compatibility option included).

What a shame. Uploading a file, as opposed to a screen grab of MMSSTV, was ideal on the small screen of the net book. Have reverted to original computer for sstv, with screen grabs of weak signal modes on the net book. Ok for the ROS screen, but less than ideal for psk reporter and JT65-HF. Can't win 'em all. Had to purge the sstv page after experimenting, so hopefully we'll get some pics tomorrow to refill it.

All gone quiet, so closing down 'till the morning. 73 all 'Night!
12:42---Both cams on line---
09:01---Both cams off line---.
08:34. Well i finally decided to buy a net book yesterday (Novatech). Wanted to free up my other lappy with the bigger screen to use for something like JT65-hf or ROS mode with the associated reporter maps.

The net book is ideal for MMSSTV which can be minimised due to using a widget, as opposed to a screen grab program, to upload pics. Therefore i can still use it for surfing, mailing, whatever.

Murphies law says, as soon as i've got all radio's/computers set up the way i like it, something will go toes up. That's one reason why i have the temporary shack on a table in the bedroom at the moment. Took the original apart when equipment failures, amongst other things, made me lose interest. However, you can't keep a good Ham down for long. It's in the blood Hi!. Anyway, that's about it for now.
07:23---Both cams on line---G'Day!.Breakfast...

Monday, 2 August 2010

22:11---SSTV cam 0ff line---Looks like it's gone flat for today.

Joined a Yahoo group that, amongst other things, sbs logs are uploaded. Still figuring how to do that. Not sure if i paste the log generated by 'Populate' to a posting to the group, or Populate sends an e-mail of my records if the option is ticked.

Couple of other things puzzle me . I'll just have to ask, i guess. I reason that i will have to watch the incoming mail like a hawk if i'm going to take advantage of anyone else's 'heads up' on interesting sightings, as i guess will other members. Pitty there is no audible alarm system to take care of that. Or is there?. I'll have to check the mail options.

Well i guess that's it for today.

---SBS cam Off line---at 22:31
13:14---Both cams online---.
08:59---Both cams offline---.
07:21---SSTV CAN online---
07:15---SBS1 online---G'Day!.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

23:13 ---Both Cams offline---Time for bed.

Been playing with sbs1 again. At least there is always something going on with that program running, as opposed to sometimes watching a screen with little or no data mode updates for long periods. Oh well i'll sleep on it now, decide whether to stick with sbs tomorrow. 73, 'Night all.
22:02---Experiment in SBS1 upload---
21:09---ROS cam off line---That's it for ROS today i think, so switching it off so i can play with sbs1 on that computer.

18:12 Really quiet day for sstv. Just switched to 14.076 to see if any jt65 is active. Straight away i received a signal from Spain. (Screen shot).

Got my first contact on ROS from across the pond today, after starting logging the mode again.

Looking at the net books in town today. Some pretty good bargains about, and i could use another computer to receive data on. Trouble was, i had the latest idea in desk tops pointed out to me in one shop, which was a touch screen job which doubled as a freeview tv. 600 gigs disc space, 4 gigs memory and an onboard 250 meg graphic card. All for 600 quid. Not bad eh?. I could play my old flight and train sims on that. Oh well, dream on. I don't have that sort of bread to spend. Back to reality. Thinking some more about a net book though, could just about stretch to that.

Still the same old films on tv i see. How many more times are going to get the likes of Shaun of the Bloody Dead and the Bourne Identity dished up again?. Nothing new in their library since the Norman bloody invasion *grrrr*. Turn the thing on, and immediately i'm assailed with blatant brainwashing attempts ie the commercials, which get right up my bugle. Quick look at the latest news on BBC, then switch it straight off again. Beats me why i keep the thing as i get all the latest news on the web anyway.

Hello!, just heard a sync pule then. Maybe sstv is opening up. Hope so, i'm bored.
14:13---Both cams online---
10:06--Both cams off line---.
07:04 G'Day!---ROS and SSTV cams online.