Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Sunday, 8 August 2010

20:46 Went to the Wimborne radio rally today, came back skint as usual. Tried to choose between a Pro Whip antenna (8 metre job), and an FRG 7700. Couldn't make my mind up, so bought them both in the end. Don't regret it though, as i'm pleased with both purchases after playing all afternoon with them. Brother Stair is giving it large on the FRG as i type this. Using a long wire at the moment.

The whip, which i have just telescoped and brought inside for the night, was connected to the DX-394 via a KW AT-2000 ATU. Soon as i connected it up the psk came belting in on 20, so i knew all was well. I then left the radio sat on 14.230 and bagged a few sstv pics before i decide to dismantle the antenna. It looks too' knickable' as it stands at the moment, as i only have a front garden to put it in. I'll think of something more secure before leaving it out.

Right, time to have a last play with the FRG for this evening. No ROS or JT65 happening, so i'll switch that off now, along with the SSTV cam.

21:24---Digi and sstv cams off line---.

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