Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Friday, 27 August 2010

20:56 local. Spent most of the afternoon making a web page for my weather centre. No problem getting Cumulus to talk to it, but tarting up the page is another story. Initially i transfered the original html to my editor and after changing the colours etc to my liking, i loaded it up. That worked ok, but as soon as Cumulus sent an update of data, the page reverted back to the original.

I had thought that the page would remain as i wanted, with only the data being altered by Cumulus. Obviously not the case, blast!. I decided to play with something else. maybe something will come to me if i don't concentrate too hard on it.

Over to pskMail. 10.147 is where it's at, however, a snag already. There's a computer sprog right on frequency. Same on the alternative of 14.090. Brilliant!, that's all i need.

Thinks!. Try a radio away from the computer gear. Grabs the Roberts R861 and tunes for 10.147 on the other side of the room (Log wire around the window frame). Nothing!, all clear of sprogs. Great, now what?. Simple, run an extension audio lead back to the computer. Just done that and immediately fldigi showed a brief burst of inteligent text using bpsk-250. Wer'e in business.

The cursor was on about 75 hz when i recieved something, but it keeps jumping back to 1500. Wonder if that is really the default pskmail position?. Anyway, it's gone quiet now, but will have another listen during tomorrow.

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