Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Saturday, 31 July 2010

17:29---SSTV and ROS cams off line---
16:59---ROS online---
16:20--- ROS CAM offline---, while i download Flight Tracker for sbs1, and sort out Google Earth.
13:44---Switched to ROS mode---
12:29 ---PSK REPORTER---online

Can't say i'm mad about the WSPR reporter page, as when it refreshes the map defaults to 'unzoomed'. In other words all my spot are condensed in one little area, so making identifying each station pretty impossible. I then have to zoom in every time the page refrehes, which i can't be bothered to do. As there is someone obviously apparently averse to ROS traffic on 20, ( nice big cw signal is wiping 14.103 out at present) i've reverting to PSK on 14.070.

I particularly like the logging facilities on psk reporter and downloading and saving my own spots is easy in adif format, which can then be imported to the HRD logbook. The only way i could see of saving my spots on WSPR, was to word pad.
12:12 Unfortunately the WSPR home refreshes the complete page, naturally. It means that i have to scroll the page every time it does so if i want just the map into my screen capture area. That is impractical, so will have to leave the capture at whole page.
11:53---WSPR live---
11:40 Ok, nice one. That didn't do what i expected, as the upload went to the wrong page.

Ok, so i'll modify the one page to accept whichever mode is being uploaded.

decided the best way to solve which mode to have live beside the sstv, is to make a page for each with links active from home page. Whichever mode/page is actually currently showing live updates, to be announced on my blog. That about covers it nicely.

Choices being ROS, WSPR or PSK REPORTER.

I'm just waiting for the WSPR page to prove itself at the moment, before announcing it live.
06:42---SSTV CAM on line---

Friday, 30 July 2010

22:38 ---SSTV CAM off line---

That's it, bye byes. Going to have a go at Propnet tomorrow. Maybe i'll settle on something eventually. That is apart from sstv of course, as that is a stayer. SSTV perked up just when it's time for bed, managed to saved a few pics for the record. Night all!. 73
22:03 --SSTV CAM online---
19:08 ---ROS CAM off line---

Looking at the screen, ROS doesn't look too good from about 19:00. Interference, perhaps from the neighbours switching on there tv's etc. Can't see me recieving anything through that lot, so that's why i've switched it off. Looks like a day time mode, and 40 metres is just as bad.

Sometimes i'm tempted to put the sbs1 cam back on, but for some reason i can't seem to keep an interest in it. Perfect mode for a live cam as there is always action, day or night. I think the main reason i can't get over excited about it, is the fact that my local airport(Southampton) is mainly used by 'Flybe', who's aircraft are not equipped to transmit their position. Ergo, i can hear them on radio but not see them on my screen, which takes the edge off my enthusiasm a bit.

Don't think the Wordpress idea is a go, as i understand my host would have to support PHP scripting and MYSQL. As i have free space, i don't expect it stretches to that. I'm not that interested to pay for another host. I'll just stick to Blogger, for now anyway.

Still pondering the weather set-up, but also keeping in mind that the Wimborne radio rally is coming up. Might be an idea to save the readies 'til then. Bound to be some goodies there i fancy.

Always fancied SRD radio, but means i would have to upgrade the present computer, or buy a new one with decent ram and graphics card to run it. More expense on top of the receiver *groan*. I'll leave that for now. Gave up carrying 'plastic' in my wallet when i retired.

Slowscan is flat today, so that's going off now 19:42.
12:37---Both CAMS online---
09:13---ROS CAM off line---
06:33---ROS CAM live---

Thursday, 29 July 2010

22:15 At last i've got a reasonable image of wefax, so that's been uploaded to the digital page.

Thought it was logical to save worthy sstv images direct to the album folder, then upload the folder complete to replace the existing one on the sstv log page. Naturally it didn't work, sod it!. I'm too tired now. Sort it tomorrow.

Been reading up on 'Word Press'. That's something i haven't tried. Have a look for mags/books on it tomorrow. 73, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
22:00---Both Cams off line---
20:20 local Just when i was quite chuffed with myself, something else goes wrong. Started to get sstv pics in and the widget kept refusing to upload them for some reason. Closed both the widget and mmsstv down, restarted and still no go. As i had the images saved to an alternative folder, ie sstvpics, i have now reverted back to the original ' history' folder. The uploading has resumed, but it's now loading up all my old history *sigh*. Oh well it will sort itself out in the end i suppose.

The alternative folder allowed a time stamp to appear on the images, whereas the history doesn't.

Been playing about with 'Cumulus'. Software with ftp for weather station hardware. Thought i would see if i could put a web page on my alternative server, as described in the software help file. This before deciding whether to buy the weather station itself.

Not only did i get the page on line, but figured how to load the page source into my own editor ready for altering to my own taste. That's why i was chuffed. However, there is a snag. It's ok for uploading live data every 15 minutes for instance, but what happens when i shut the computer down. Ah!....Means, of course, not only will no data be collected and uploaded, but all the graphs of the history will have gaps in them. Blast!, another idea up in smoke. I fancied a go at that.
16:43 local Oh dear, that was silly, wasn't it?. I'm definitely going scenic here as i just wiped all the site files from my server. What i meant to do, was clear the files from another directory ready for experimenting with a weather station upload.

Oh well i've uploaded the whole site again. Looks ok, but the sstv page is going to be bare until something is sent up.
15:36 local---ROS CAM online---
12:24 local ---SSTV CAM online---
09:03 local---Both cams off line---
08:05 local ---ROS CAM online---
07:24 local---SSTV CAM on ---

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

22:38 local---Both cams off line---73 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
12:05 local. Just tried to threaten the thorn bush that's taking over the car port's roof with a hedge cutter. What a Cynthia that was *groan*. Every time i tried to pull a bit off, the bloody stuff attacked me. Tearing me to shreds with it's claws. Oh all right, thorns.

I had to make a tactical withdrawal for the moment. Tomorrow i will buy some heavy duty
armoured gloves before the next attack.

Back in the shack, i see not much has been happening. Nothing on the ROS cluster since yesterday. I've seen more life in Baldrick's barnett.

Oh well, lunch i think.
09:31 Well that's ROS up and running, but it's no good selecting spots by me on the 'Reporter' map until i've actually sent a spot up. All pretty dead at the moment, but if the past is anything to go by when i last got involved with this mode, this afternoon should see some action.
07:45 local---SSTV CAM online---

G'day!, Cats' fed, shack is live and i'm good for another day in the Alpha Quadrant.

Breakfast, then i'm going to mess about with 'ROS'. I see the prog has really come on since i used it last, so can still use PskReporter. Whether i'm displaying that, the actual prog or even the cluster, i'll just auto upload the screen anyway.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

23:04 local---SSTV CAM off line---

Well another day bites the dust. Just downloaded and played around with the latest version of ROS . All seems to be working ok, with a strong German station coming in on 40 mtrs. Psk Reporter displayed my report no problem. Might change my reporter page to ROS tomorrow. Psk was only an experiment anyway.

Must get some beauty sleep now, 73 all zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
22:13 local---psk reporter offline
14:41---Psk Reporter is online---
13:22 local---SSTV CAM online---I see it's being silly again*sigh*. The over sized image will make it's way through the page eventually.

Waiting for server to register any psk catches from me before switching that cam on.

Going to sort some lunch out now.
08:39 G'Day!

Mmmm, strange that!, i've just pulled the sbs1 page up and found psk reporter on it *sigh*. Now why, if the images for sbs1 are sent up as sbs1.jpg and the ones for psk reporter sent as psk.jpg, with the image on the pages being respectively the same, why the hell is the wrong one going to the sbs1 page? Don't you just love computers!. Only thing for it, is to take the sbs1 page off. Until i decide which page to keep running anyway.

After all these years using Ham Radio Deluxe, i'm still coming across new things to play with on it. Playing with the log book facilities at the moment. Really amazing program!, No wonder version five is being split into seperate programs, i'ts getting so large.

Anyway, not much action this time of the day sstv wise on 20, so having another play with the site after breakfast. I can hear psk coming in already, but i'll go live when i have uploaded some data to get the map to just show my details.

Monday, 26 July 2010

22:38 ---SSTV and PSK REPORTER offline, going to call it a day.

Thought i would play around with a pskreporter cam in the place of the sbs1. Only have the one computer spare for screen grabbing, so have to choose one or the other. Didn't take a lot of notice of the sbs1 when it was running, so odds are in favour of keeping PSK at the moment.

Trying to get the screen to look right on entry and keep a decent size image . What looks right on this wide screen laptop, doesn't on the old square screen iBook. Put a digital clock on just now and it appeared central of the screen as it should on the lap top. However, it's on the left of the iBook. Just took it off again.

Guess most people these days have wide screen by now. Anyway, my minces have had it for today so 'eyes down', cup of Rosey and bed. 73 all.
13:20---SSTV CAM online---
08:38 Local----Both cam offline----
08:23 local
G'Day!. well that's breakfast over with, feel more up to another day now.

Still can't figure why the images didn't show on the 'digital' page, even after sleeping on it. Will try another editor and alternative provider i have. Start afresh with the page and see what happens when i send one image up to try it out.

The sbs1 uploader is working well, but i'm wondering if i could make better use of that computer, seeing as i'm not that interested in watching the radar. Different, i suppose, if i were really into modern aircraft spotting and logging etc. If i had more computers, fair enough. Maybe i would be taking notice of the screen more if i ran psk reporter say, or even jt65. At least they are radio related. Which, after all, is my main hobby.

I'll give it more thought over a 'Starbucks'

SSTV log is looking a bit bare, still no more pics decent enough to save to it yet. Today maybe?.

Guess that's it for now 73.
08:19 local---Both cams online---

Sunday, 25 July 2010

21:38 local Would you Adam it?. Most of the day working on my new page. Sorted out 20 screen shots on it, uploaded them and they won't appear. Tried png and jpg'd a replacement to see if it improved matters. That didn't work either.

All i've got for all that work is a headache. Have to take a couple of paranormal tablets and call it a day *sigh*.

---Both cams now off-line---73
08:13 local ---Both cams online---

Saturday, 24 July 2010

17:11 Have to shut down for today----Both cams off line---

Another quiet one for sstv. Everyone is out enjoying the sunshine or shopping i guess, things will no doubt pick up tomorrow (Sunday).

Found a very nice little recieve only sstv prog for SWL'ers, called RX-SSTV (Link on home page). Uses the MMSSTV engine so just as sensitive as the original. I'm going to use that one instead as i'm not transmitting. Fits the screen very nicely with the Icom software for the PCR-1000 and even allows space for word pad for taking notes of stuff recieved whilst trawling the hf bands. I'm going to include a screen shot when i recieve a picture. Murphies law, i've been waiting all afternoon to get one, without success.

Thinking of a new page called 'Notes For The Shortwave Listener'. Basically anything i think useful for the SWL'er.

Still not found a code for refreshing an image only. All seem to be on total page refresh, after trawling the web. Maybe i'll just put all the relevant stuff about Virtual Radar on the new page, leaving the SBS1 page as it is. Won't jump about on refresh then .

73 for now

08:33 The position at the moment as regards getting the most from the facilities in my make shift shack. As you see from the screen shot i have MMSSTV and the PCR-1000 running on the same computer, and old pent 3 lappy. The sound into the lappy is sstv from an ic.718 tuned to 14.230 The sound out of the pcr-1000 which is tuned by the lappy is going to a the desk-top's usb sound card and it's 2+1 speaker system. I can't use 'Audacity' recording on that computer as would screw the screen grabbing of the sbs1. Shame the PCR-1000 prog doesn't allow for recording, as does the newer 1500. But as i say, this is just a lash up system until if and when i rebuild a propper shack. I used to use a mixer and digital recorder, but that, like most of my gear, is in boxes now.

Very good for broadcast listening. As you see i am tuned to 15.120 mhz am at the moment, listening to Voice Of Nigeria.

The desk-top is running sbs1 with 'Flight Display' and 'Populate' running in background, which being uploaded every minute by an auto screen grab and ftp program.

I've basically centered the sbs1 on my area, ie the Isle Of Wight. This seems the most practical, as zooming out anymore tends to clutter the screen too much with overlapping contacts.

Finally, there is the old original iBook monitoring my site to check what i am sending up/being used for serfing, blogging whatever. I bought this kit a long time back at a Ham Rally when my knowledge of computers was still at the 'Dispstick' stage. Didn't realise it was obsolete enough that i couldn't even use a Windows emulator program on it, for instance. Pre intel chip apparently. Anyway, it's ok for the web.

That's about it for now. Breakfast and get the papers and lottery ticket for tonight. 'Next year Rodney, we'll be millionares' 73.
07:48----Both cams online----

Friday, 23 July 2010

22:07---Both cams off line---

Stone me! what a pain this site building is at times. Trying to make a log book, that's all. Simple?. Nope!. Anyway, in the end i found a photo album facility on my Editor. Loaded that up, then discovered that i couldn't just add photos/sstv images to the existing ones ie edit the thing daily. I had to delete the album and upload a completley new one. The idea was to add decent pics if and when they come in each day.

Once i get up to about a hundred new ones, as i have in my archives already, it would take ages to insert the files into the album one at a time from scratch again. Oh well, it will have to do until i find a better way.

Put some cool flash link buttons on the log page to all other pages, worked in the 'Preview'. Did they work when i loaded it to the web?. Of course not *grrrrr*. I've had enough, going to bed.

'Night all....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
12:51 local----Both cams online----

Going to sort out the iBook now, then figure out how to refresh the SBS1 screen only, as opposed to the whole page.
08:54 ----Both cams off line----.
06:57 local--- Both cams switched on--- 'Morning all, just taken an age to get the browser fired up on the sstv lappy. Will have to sort something out for the web only. Have an old old iBook somewhere in the junk box, that will do. Something to do when i get back from town today. Also have to figure out how to auto reset the frame only on the sbs1 page , as opposed to the whole page. That way if i put loads of other stuff on it, it wont keep jumping back to the frame every minute. Might have to pick the main man's brain (G0HWC) on that one. Still pondering whether to switch to a jt65 cam though. Quick look at G0HWC's truck cam (Link on home page) while i get washed and dressed and have some breakfast. 73 for now.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

22:08 local, Well that seems to have worked allright. Got the live sbs1 cam going ok. Thought i was going for the jt65 idea, but suddenly remembered the sbs1 sat there doing nothing. Loaded up the software on the refreshed windows machine no problem, so went for it.

Normally there is always a 'Sods Law', where something that worked before ok, now doesn't for some explicable reason. well, touch formica, everything fired up nicely again.

That's it, time to hit the sack. Switching off sbs1 and sstv now. G'Night all!.
16:26 local Well i've got Windows (XP) reloaded again, (I took it off originally due to being totally screwed by trojuns and the like, i think) but what a difference in speed compared with Linux. Scrolling web pages is like a rippling pond now *sigh*. I'd love to keep Linux but so much radio software needs Windows.

I've loaded various progs including MMSSTV, Ham Radio Deluxe, PCR-1000 drivers ie it's own prog and Radiocom versions 4, and 6 amongst other stuff. Radiocom 5, which had the best Wefax decoder, won't load as the serial number is not accepted. Probably because i've changed my machine. Flamin' annoying that, after spending 200 quid on it. It's not my fault the original machine died of old age. Version 6 won't let me update, presumably for the same reason. Another 200 quids worth!. No way am i spending big bucks on software in future, that's for sure.

Wondering what to put on the computer now, that i can possibly upload. It's a pent 4 dual core job, but only has the onboard graphics card, hence the slow graphics. The card from my old gaming machine that went toes up, is not compatible.

Tried to get wspr going, but running the online reporter map and the prog is too much for the ram. No point in wefax charts as the weather chart on the main page is always good quality anyway. 80 metre sstv is pretty dead that i can see. Could do another 20 metre frequency ie 14.227 i suppose. Not really into Digital sstv, as i can't get reasonable signals with my setup indoors to make it viable.

Navtex, is not really suitable for a screen grab, so i'm basically left with JT65. That looks quite nice, and i did use to have such a cam on an old site. Only trouble with screen grabs, is that is takes up the computer full time as opposed to sstv pics uploading, which allows the actual progs to be running in the background, thus freeing up the screen for something else. I have mmsstv running as i type this at the moment.

Still, looking on the bright side, before i reloaded windows i couldn't do anything other than serf the net with that machine anyway. Alright, i could run a jt65 on Linux i grant you. But where are all the screen grab progs that have ftp on board for it?.

I've managed to find what looks like a brilliant one for windows though. Called RoxxSoft xShots. It can be configured to automatically take shots at timed intervals, with what ever part of the screen you fancy. It can auto save to hard disc, or upload to server with it's inbuilt ftp facility. I've tested everything except the ftp, and it works. I've yet to make a page to try uploading something. Probably have a go at a JT65 cam, i think.

Also working on a sstv log page. Pick out the reasonable images each day and upload them to the log. The save criteria being that the senders call sign should be readable. Maybe there is an uploadable album type prog suitable. I'll have look into it further. Anyway snack and Rosey time.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

09:52 local. Still waiting for a picture to appear after resetting the page.

Meanwhile, i've gotton fed up with the restrictions on my linux machine radio wise, so i'm presently reformatting the drive to reinstall Windows. Shame really as the latest Ubuntu is a nice operating system, but the last straw was when the sound card would not accept imput from a radio, mic or line in this morning. I'm using an external sound card, USB. Normal computer sound plays ok, but no joy on the inputs. Tried all settings available in the software.

Not a peep out of 14.230 on Both the R-20 and Roberts R 861 that i have listening. Psk31 on 070 is about level with both, so at least i know the radios are up for it. Everyone have left for the salt mines it seems. Glad that's all over for me. Stone me!, it seems a million years ago i was rummaging about on council tips for discarded 'wireless sets' in the late fifties. Can't do that now as they try to cash in on everything by setting up a stall at the tip. Wonder who cops the proceeds?. Shared out amongst the lads i hope, rather than the council coffers. 'Times change', as they say.

Nearly done formatting, so time for a Rosey.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

21:35 'It never rains etc', as they say. For some unknown reason a picture appearing on the sstv cam page will be over large, resulting in putting all the other cells out of sync *groan*. When the frequency is busy the bad guy is pushed through the system and everything gets back to normal. Unfortunately it's dead quiet at the moment, so i have to upload blank pics to force the issue.

The pics from sstv cannot be sized, as far as i can see. The frame is page size when full of images, so i don't see how i can correct the situation. Guess it just sods law in operation.

Still no trade on 14.230, so reckon we'll have to put today in the recycle bin.

G'night. KN
18:56 local. Dear oh dear., what a slack day for sstv. Not a nibble!.

Was beginning to think there was something wrong with the radio. Just tried the Roberts and Icom portables and found psk31 coming in quite well on 14.070. Better than the IC-718 in fact.

That's it, swap 'em over. I'm now using the IC-R20 as the RX, hopefully things will brighten up in a minute. Sometimes the evenings are more fruitfull, i guess with people having a bash after work and tea/dinner.
12:58 Isn't there always a snag whenever you get an idea that sounds so simple.

I fancied making a new page on which i could make an alternative cam today.

Can't do it with linux machine as i have no means to auto upload anything from it. KE5RS's widget in Windows only and the only other pros i've found for auto screen shot uploading, have also been for Windows.

So!, i have to find a suitable machine. Rummage Rummage, i've come up with an old Windows 98 lappy i bought at a ham rally a while back. Brilliant!, now i can run all my software and use the widget...... Erm, not so fast Brian. What's that awfull clicking noise on the radio when you fire the lappy up?. Blast!, it's the power supply. Why is the led on it pulsing?. maybe the lappy is asking too much from it *sigh*. Oh i can't be bothered now. Shelve that idea and get some dinner on.
07:22 Vicky, my English short hair alarm clock has just pawed me awake. Strawberry is still ticking over nicely, so apparently i'm good for a new day.

Few pics came in last evening, though none worth including here. Maybe today?.

Thinking of starting a new page on the site. Digital radio for the shortwave listener maybe?. I'll give it some thought while i'm drinking my 'Starbucks' in town this morning.

Managed to get the weather chart sorted in the end. On studying the html code of my site (Right click page then left click 'View Page Source). Bet you didn't realise you could do that *chuckle*, i notice that part of the code that i pasted in telling my map to get updates from 'Meteorologica' was missing. Odd!, each time i tried to reinsert the code it would not appear when the page was reloaded. Going back to the ftp of 'Namo WebEditor' i chose an alternative option of saving my files, and Voila!, it worked.

I must admit i 've a hell of a lot about html and page building in general just by sorting out problems. I still can't be bothered to build a whole site typing in html only though, but my present editor is ideal as it allows me to build the lazy way, but also lets me view/edit the page in html so i can make little alterations and add snippets of code such as 'refresh' and whatever useful additives i have found on he web, such as the weather map for instance. Proved invaluable for making up the 'tables' (Image boxes) for the sstv cam page too.

That's it for now i guess, going qrt. 73!.

Monday, 19 July 2010

10:41 Just been messing about with radio and antennas again, maybe improve on pic reception.

Trouble is thing are so quiet at the moment can't really tell if i'm getting anywhere much. Above is the latest pic at 08:50. I have recieved Nils stronger in much clearer in the past, but conditions are a bit down at present i know. Anyway i'm trying the Icom IC-718 conected to the hot side only of the discone ant outside, as opposed to the indoor wire. Might make a difference, but will take a day to tell i expect.

Been trying to get a weather chart on my front page to auto update supplied by 'Meteorologica' , but to no avail as yet. Maybe my email to them will resolve that one.

Shame my other machine is running linux, as what with the PCR-1000 free i could have used it to maybe upload Wefax or Navtex to a new page. Unfortunatey the radio driving software, aswell as the program is meant for Windows only *sigh*. Even if i had an sstv prog for linux, it would have to have an inbuilt ftp facility such as DM780 (Windows). KE5RS's widget won't work on Linux either.

As Linux is improving by the day and more people take it as the norm, such as been the case with Windows up to now, i expect more and more Hams will be writing software for it. I would love to elbow Windows altogether, but all of my radio software depends on it.

I've spent over 400 quid on Bonito Radiocom software alone in the past, so that and many more progs would go down the drain if i switched operating systems completely.

Any way time for a Rosy Lee, then back to the programming i guess.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

08:51 local

Eyes down for another day, looks like another mild one.Hope conditions are a bit better today, sstv wise. Pics not too good yesterday. As i type i can hear a feint sstv sig on 14.230, but not strong enough to fire up the program. Hopefully, there is no contest on 20 metres today as the guys taking part just don't seem to have any regard for the 'band plan' at all. Nothing worse than hearing ssb splatter all over the frequency every few seconds with some calling 'cq contest cq contest cq *sigh*. Worse than listeningto the song 'I got a song that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves' etc etc . Over an over.

trouble is, the serious contest guys always seem to be chucking out megawatts, so there's no escaping them *grrrrrrr*.

Oh well, quick look at the site, see what i can add/tidy up, then nip out for some supplies. Food that is. Usual antique films on tv again i see, so it's back to the radio/web page for the rest of the day i guess.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

11:52 Working on my new web site again. What a long job, seem to spend most of my time correction spolling mistakes *sigh*. It's not that i'm that bad at spelling, more that hitting a key sometimes fails to register a letter on screen. Naf computer i guess.

Anyway it's taking shape. Mostly about radio of course, but including a page on digital model railways this time, my other hobby.

Slowscan is a bit quiet lately. Propogation is not very good it seems. Never mind. Win, lose some as the saying goes. Maybe when i get another 'windows' machine, i'll add another page dedicated to an alternative mode which can be fed by another radio. that i can upload. Navtex is one contender, but we'll see about that when funds allow.

Hello!, sounds like someone tuning up on 14.230 Mhz, signing off for now.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

New start

20:09 Well for some unknown reason i can't access my original blog set up with Yahoo, so here we are with a brand new one.

I have just got the beginnings of my new site up and running after losing all the files of the old one when my computer went toes up. Even though i have used an ftp prog to delete said site, the front page is still there *sigh*.

Only cure was to create a new directory and start all over again, so that's what i've done. I'll put a link to the front page on the right of this blog.

Been a bit of a pain getting back to normal, as i started out using 'Kompozer' web editor on my Linux machine (Ubuntu 10.04). However, i've switched to using 'Namo WebEditor 2006' on an old reconditioned laptop (Windows XP) and started rebuilding yet again. More facilities on the latter program.