Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

07:22 Vicky, my English short hair alarm clock has just pawed me awake. Strawberry is still ticking over nicely, so apparently i'm good for a new day.

Few pics came in last evening, though none worth including here. Maybe today?.

Thinking of starting a new page on the site. Digital radio for the shortwave listener maybe?. I'll give it some thought while i'm drinking my 'Starbucks' in town this morning.

Managed to get the weather chart sorted in the end. On studying the html code of my site (Right click page then left click 'View Page Source). Bet you didn't realise you could do that *chuckle*, i notice that part of the code that i pasted in telling my map to get updates from 'Meteorologica' was missing. Odd!, each time i tried to reinsert the code it would not appear when the page was reloaded. Going back to the ftp of 'Namo WebEditor' i chose an alternative option of saving my files, and Voila!, it worked.

I must admit i 've a hell of a lot about html and page building in general just by sorting out problems. I still can't be bothered to build a whole site typing in html only though, but my present editor is ideal as it allows me to build the lazy way, but also lets me view/edit the page in html so i can make little alterations and add snippets of code such as 'refresh' and whatever useful additives i have found on he web, such as the weather map for instance. Proved invaluable for making up the 'tables' (Image boxes) for the sstv cam page too.

That's it for now i guess, going qrt. 73!.

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