Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Friday, 30 July 2010

19:08 ---ROS CAM off line---

Looking at the screen, ROS doesn't look too good from about 19:00. Interference, perhaps from the neighbours switching on there tv's etc. Can't see me recieving anything through that lot, so that's why i've switched it off. Looks like a day time mode, and 40 metres is just as bad.

Sometimes i'm tempted to put the sbs1 cam back on, but for some reason i can't seem to keep an interest in it. Perfect mode for a live cam as there is always action, day or night. I think the main reason i can't get over excited about it, is the fact that my local airport(Southampton) is mainly used by 'Flybe', who's aircraft are not equipped to transmit their position. Ergo, i can hear them on radio but not see them on my screen, which takes the edge off my enthusiasm a bit.

Don't think the Wordpress idea is a go, as i understand my host would have to support PHP scripting and MYSQL. As i have free space, i don't expect it stretches to that. I'm not that interested to pay for another host. I'll just stick to Blogger, for now anyway.

Still pondering the weather set-up, but also keeping in mind that the Wimborne radio rally is coming up. Might be an idea to save the readies 'til then. Bound to be some goodies there i fancy.

Always fancied SRD radio, but means i would have to upgrade the present computer, or buy a new one with decent ram and graphics card to run it. More expense on top of the receiver *groan*. I'll leave that for now. Gave up carrying 'plastic' in my wallet when i retired.

Slowscan is flat today, so that's going off now 19:42.

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