Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Monday, 19 July 2010

10:41 Just been messing about with radio and antennas again, maybe improve on pic reception.

Trouble is thing are so quiet at the moment can't really tell if i'm getting anywhere much. Above is the latest pic at 08:50. I have recieved Nils stronger in much clearer in the past, but conditions are a bit down at present i know. Anyway i'm trying the Icom IC-718 conected to the hot side only of the discone ant outside, as opposed to the indoor wire. Might make a difference, but will take a day to tell i expect.

Been trying to get a weather chart on my front page to auto update supplied by 'Meteorologica' , but to no avail as yet. Maybe my email to them will resolve that one.

Shame my other machine is running linux, as what with the PCR-1000 free i could have used it to maybe upload Wefax or Navtex to a new page. Unfortunatey the radio driving software, aswell as the program is meant for Windows only *sigh*. Even if i had an sstv prog for linux, it would have to have an inbuilt ftp facility such as DM780 (Windows). KE5RS's widget won't work on Linux either.

As Linux is improving by the day and more people take it as the norm, such as been the case with Windows up to now, i expect more and more Hams will be writing software for it. I would love to elbow Windows altogether, but all of my radio software depends on it.

I've spent over 400 quid on Bonito Radiocom software alone in the past, so that and many more progs would go down the drain if i switched operating systems completely.

Any way time for a Rosy Lee, then back to the programming i guess.

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