Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

09:52 local. Still waiting for a picture to appear after resetting the page.

Meanwhile, i've gotton fed up with the restrictions on my linux machine radio wise, so i'm presently reformatting the drive to reinstall Windows. Shame really as the latest Ubuntu is a nice operating system, but the last straw was when the sound card would not accept imput from a radio, mic or line in this morning. I'm using an external sound card, USB. Normal computer sound plays ok, but no joy on the inputs. Tried all settings available in the software.

Not a peep out of 14.230 on Both the R-20 and Roberts R 861 that i have listening. Psk31 on 070 is about level with both, so at least i know the radios are up for it. Everyone have left for the salt mines it seems. Glad that's all over for me. Stone me!, it seems a million years ago i was rummaging about on council tips for discarded 'wireless sets' in the late fifties. Can't do that now as they try to cash in on everything by setting up a stall at the tip. Wonder who cops the proceeds?. Shared out amongst the lads i hope, rather than the council coffers. 'Times change', as they say.

Nearly done formatting, so time for a Rosey.

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