Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Thursday, 29 July 2010

20:20 local Just when i was quite chuffed with myself, something else goes wrong. Started to get sstv pics in and the widget kept refusing to upload them for some reason. Closed both the widget and mmsstv down, restarted and still no go. As i had the images saved to an alternative folder, ie sstvpics, i have now reverted back to the original ' history' folder. The uploading has resumed, but it's now loading up all my old history *sigh*. Oh well it will sort itself out in the end i suppose.

The alternative folder allowed a time stamp to appear on the images, whereas the history doesn't.

Been playing about with 'Cumulus'. Software with ftp for weather station hardware. Thought i would see if i could put a web page on my alternative server, as described in the software help file. This before deciding whether to buy the weather station itself.

Not only did i get the page on line, but figured how to load the page source into my own editor ready for altering to my own taste. That's why i was chuffed. However, there is a snag. It's ok for uploading live data every 15 minutes for instance, but what happens when i shut the computer down. Ah!....Means, of course, not only will no data be collected and uploaded, but all the graphs of the history will have gaps in them. Blast!, another idea up in smoke. I fancied a go at that.

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