Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Thursday, 22 July 2010

16:26 local Well i've got Windows (XP) reloaded again, (I took it off originally due to being totally screwed by trojuns and the like, i think) but what a difference in speed compared with Linux. Scrolling web pages is like a rippling pond now *sigh*. I'd love to keep Linux but so much radio software needs Windows.

I've loaded various progs including MMSSTV, Ham Radio Deluxe, PCR-1000 drivers ie it's own prog and Radiocom versions 4, and 6 amongst other stuff. Radiocom 5, which had the best Wefax decoder, won't load as the serial number is not accepted. Probably because i've changed my machine. Flamin' annoying that, after spending 200 quid on it. It's not my fault the original machine died of old age. Version 6 won't let me update, presumably for the same reason. Another 200 quids worth!. No way am i spending big bucks on software in future, that's for sure.

Wondering what to put on the computer now, that i can possibly upload. It's a pent 4 dual core job, but only has the onboard graphics card, hence the slow graphics. The card from my old gaming machine that went toes up, is not compatible.

Tried to get wspr going, but running the online reporter map and the prog is too much for the ram. No point in wefax charts as the weather chart on the main page is always good quality anyway. 80 metre sstv is pretty dead that i can see. Could do another 20 metre frequency ie 14.227 i suppose. Not really into Digital sstv, as i can't get reasonable signals with my setup indoors to make it viable.

Navtex, is not really suitable for a screen grab, so i'm basically left with JT65. That looks quite nice, and i did use to have such a cam on an old site. Only trouble with screen grabs, is that is takes up the computer full time as opposed to sstv pics uploading, which allows the actual progs to be running in the background, thus freeing up the screen for something else. I have mmsstv running as i type this at the moment.

Still, looking on the bright side, before i reloaded windows i couldn't do anything other than serf the net with that machine anyway. Alright, i could run a jt65 on Linux i grant you. But where are all the screen grab progs that have ftp on board for it?.

I've managed to find what looks like a brilliant one for windows though. Called RoxxSoft xShots. It can be configured to automatically take shots at timed intervals, with what ever part of the screen you fancy. It can auto save to hard disc, or upload to server with it's inbuilt ftp facility. I've tested everything except the ftp, and it works. I've yet to make a page to try uploading something. Probably have a go at a JT65 cam, i think.

Also working on a sstv log page. Pick out the reasonable images each day and upload them to the log. The save criteria being that the senders call sign should be readable. Maybe there is an uploadable album type prog suitable. I'll have look into it further. Anyway snack and Rosey time.

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