Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

21:57 All cams off line--.

Been trying a bit of Broadcast listening today. Actually, out of the two recievers i used, i ended up prefering the FRG7 to the 7700. I'm not mad about the fine tuning only being available if the memory function is used on the 7700, though that's not so important with am of course. However, another odd thing with the 7700, was that the tuning stopped short of round numbers. That is to say, if 8 to 9 megs was selected. i could not tune past 8.850, if i remember correctly. I've put the thing away now.

I was trying to tune around 8.900 for aircraft and couldn't reach it, or drop down to it from the 9 megs selected. Weird!. I swapped for the FRG7, and although there is so digital readaout, i found the set just as sensitive as the 7700 and decided i liked it better. Oh well, at least the 7700 will look nice in the new shack, once i get round to building it.

Stiff wind got up this afternoon, which moved the 8 metre Pro Whip about a bit, but it seemed quite happy so i didn't lower it. I expect if i hear a gale or thunder storm is on the cards, i'll drop in down though.

Shutting the pc's down now, so finnish the evening with some interferance free bc listening.
Night all! 73

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