Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

15:30 local.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon messing about with 'Shortwave Log'. In the end i scrubbed round it *sigh*. The hassle i had with downloading it?. Well i was warned that XP didn't like it, and they were right. I did eventually get it up and running after downloading the required files from Microsoft. These took an age because one file that i was asked for after half an hours downloading, that i didn't have, meant i had to start all over again once i had the relevant file, which also took and age to download. Another half hour to get back to the same place and then to continue for another age.

All the time my connection was getting slower and slower. Down to about 34 kbs in the end. What happened to this 8 gigs they advertise?. Never happens. Most i've had is about 140 kbs.

For some reason i was under the impression that Shortwave Log would also drive my PCR-1000. In reality it had the option to drive someone elses instead on line. Half the data base links wouldn't work and the maps didn't show bc sations as i though they would, so i gave the whole thing up as a bad job and deleted it all.

Still can't make my mind up what to concentrate on radio/web site wise. I've made a digital sstv page, but since making it i haven't heard a peep out of digital sstv on the radio. Probably that page will lay dormant until i change it. The only definite action seems to be JT65-HF, Ros and PSK31. I'll figure something out in th end i expect. There's always sbs1, but the trouble with that, is that it takes over the computer if i want to upload screen shots every minute.

Bought a book on Visual Basic yesterday. When i get my brain into 2nd, i'll mess about with that.

I have a weather station still in it's box. I have already experimented with a page design for uploading data and put it temporarily online. However i can't figure where to mount the kit outside at the moment, so i've taken the page off for the moment. Need another pole on the side of the bungalow for the kit.

Been spoilt with the Pro Whip. It outperforms the long wires and quater wave mobile whip i had on a metal roof. It seems a shame to just have it connected to the sstv rig only, as i want to use it for shortwave listening in general.

Looking at the pics at the moment on site, you'd think the ant was not up to to the job, but the i know the conditions are completely naf at the moment, propogation wise. Usually, the 'grey line' morning and evening sees some half decent pics coming in.

I've just tried to cheer up the PCR-1000 with a couple of 'slinkies' in series as a long wire. SSTV is still not matching the Pro Whip, but 'Broadcast' is really good , and Kinloss Rescue is perfectly readable. If i didn't have the Pro Whip, i wouldn't know any better and reckon i would be well satisfied, taking the conditions into acount.

Looks like the rain's here. Forecast is heavy rain tomorrow. Reckon it's come early.

Got a real interesting site on the note book at the moment
Makes you wonder why we fork out all that bread for our own kit when it's all there for free online, and better coverage too..... Time for a Rosey i reckon.

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