Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Sunday, 1 August 2010

18:12 Really quiet day for sstv. Just switched to 14.076 to see if any jt65 is active. Straight away i received a signal from Spain. (Screen shot).

Got my first contact on ROS from across the pond today, after starting logging the mode again.

Looking at the net books in town today. Some pretty good bargains about, and i could use another computer to receive data on. Trouble was, i had the latest idea in desk tops pointed out to me in one shop, which was a touch screen job which doubled as a freeview tv. 600 gigs disc space, 4 gigs memory and an onboard 250 meg graphic card. All for 600 quid. Not bad eh?. I could play my old flight and train sims on that. Oh well, dream on. I don't have that sort of bread to spend. Back to reality. Thinking some more about a net book though, could just about stretch to that.

Still the same old films on tv i see. How many more times are going to get the likes of Shaun of the Bloody Dead and the Bourne Identity dished up again?. Nothing new in their library since the Norman bloody invasion *grrrr*. Turn the thing on, and immediately i'm assailed with blatant brainwashing attempts ie the commercials, which get right up my bugle. Quick look at the latest news on BBC, then switch it straight off again. Beats me why i keep the thing as i get all the latest news on the web anyway.

Hello!, just heard a sync pule then. Maybe sstv is opening up. Hope so, i'm bored.

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