Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

21:14 local Well that wasn't very nice. The Spanish station calls out cq with Hellschreiber and another then calls cq with psk right on top of him. Loads of room as you can see, and the psk guy should have been further toward 070 anyway. 073/4 is normally used by Hellshreiber, MFSK 8/18 and Olivia. Get p to 076 and we're talking JT65, which i have been recieving on the other computer. Brazil is the furthest contact at the moment this evening. I'll include a screen shot after this post.

Got a bit fed up with the same old stations calling cq sstv Jasta, so i've been looking at other modes today. No point trying digital sstv as the contest guys, as per usual in whatever mode they happen to be using, are walking all over the adjacent frequencies, thus rendering them useless for the mode they were intended for.

Always the same with contests. Sod you jack, i'm alright. This Jasta seems to be going on for ever. Usually contests last the weekend only, but this has been going at least a week now.

Can't see the point really, as only the same few guys chucking out megawatts with antennas as big as my bungalow, are going to get high scores anyway.

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