Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

18:37. Raining pesistantly.

Well that' it, i've finally made my mind up about what to concentrate on shortwave listening wise.
Broadcast it is. Why?. basically, in the main, it's because i can always find something to grab my interest whatever time of the day it is and whatever the condition are prevailing, which means not just hanging about on some frequency or other waiting fruitlessly for something to happen. The Ham Radio Deluxe log book facility fits in nicely too. Digital modes are ok, but they are more suited to interraction (Two way contact) rather than monitoring, to be really meaningfull i think.

Anyway, i seem to have found a decent community to join at last (Shortave-radio), so hope this is where i can settle down. With over 250 post already this month, it looks pretty lively so looks very promissing.

I see the sun spot level has risen to 11 from 0 of the last couple of days, so hopefully things are looking up SSTV wise. Got some mediocre stuff coming in at the moment, but might pick up in the next couple of hours before dying for for the night. Still the same stations calling JASTA. Can't see them reaching Japan in these conditions though. Got to hand it to SP8LEP though, he keeps hanging in there.

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