Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

17:04 local. Thought i'd take a break from the weather page and make a start on the BC log. Got it off the ground by backdating a few days, though when i'm going to add some more logs i don't know. Seems so much to do at the moment. Take this evening. Apparently there is something going down on 136 Kcs with ROS mode, and email reports (Automatically sent by ROS software) are requested by the station experimenting. Starts at 18:00 local, so i'll have a listen for that.

SSTV is a bit iffy again. Leave it running, see what turns up. It's the last day for the JASTA contest, so should get more varied pics from tomorrow.

XYL says 'Why don't i get a flat screen tv instead of watching that 22 inch bottle?'. Thing is though, after a squint at BBC news i turn the thing off for most of the day. The headlines are on my computer anyway, so why am i paying all this bread for a license, i ask myself. Mind you, i could have used a 60 inch flat job for the world cup, but how often does tht come round?. Yes alright clever, 4 years. I've got to be really desperate to watch the commercial channels, simply because i refuse to accept the blatant attempts at brainwashing and being shown 'THE BOURNE IDENTITY' AGAIN. On the rare occasion i switch from BBC i use the mute button constantly to lose the adverts, which are taking an increasing proportion of program overall.

The actual program is now beginning to interrupt the commercials, right?. Anyway, enough of this idle banter, 'm now going to check around the forums for new posts before i do some radio listening. KN

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