Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Thursday, 12 August 2010


That made a change, a bit of Hellscreiber. I decided to close the sbs1 and use HRD and the PCR-`1000 to have a look around. Only problem with the sbs1, is that it takes over the main computer completely *sigh*.
Anyway, i was looking for some JT65-HF on 14.076 when i heard the tell tale rasping sound of Hellshreiber. I just managed to Load up Multipsk to grab the screen shot above. The PC-1000 is quite happy on the long wire, so the Pro Whip will stay with the DX-394 which continues to upload SSTV.
As to the digital and SBS. Well i'll have to rethink those. If i want to trawl the shortwaves, then the SBS is going to have to go. That is untill i can devote a computer exlusively to it. Digitally speaking, i have the net book and radios available, but not the antennas. I can still upload digital stuff from the main computer/PCR-1000, depending on whether i am on frequency or tuning somewhere else. As i type this, for instance, i'm listening to China Drive on CRI. Maybe it's an idea to have a 'screen cam'. That is to say, whatever i have on screen at any given moment will be uploaded. Bit like a shack cam, i guess.
I have to remember that this is basically a make shift shack, whilst i sort out a new permanent one. Can't expect to cover everything on a bedroom table, can i?.
Hello!, the modem (Belkin) has gone again. Dont know why it does that, but every few hours i have to re-boot it. Maybe overworkerd/overheated. Have to bump start it again to upload this post before bed. Ok, it's on line again so i'll call it a day and hit the sack. 'Night all 73

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