Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Thursday, 26 August 2010

19:06 Well that was quite painless, unusual not to have some sod's law in configuring something new. Put the weather centre together and fixed it to a redundant bottom antenna section and held it up with a bracket bought today at BQ for the job.

Fired up the base unit and all came to life. All readings ok. Then installed the 'Easy Weather' software and fired that up. Voila!, in business. I have an extension lead from the computer in the bedroom to the base unit in the room closest to the outdoor sensors, which i had used for the SBS1 unit.

Next i turned off the 'Easy Weather' and fired up the 'Cumulus' software and configured for 'Fine offset'. Once again no problem. Couldn't believe everything had gone so smoothly, but there you go. Been messing about with various configs since, but saving the web page part for later. I know uploading a target page is straight forward, as i've already done a dummy run recently. The test will be auto uploading data at regular intervals. Can't see any reason for worries there though.

Might have to replace the digi sstv page to do it however.

Earlier, after perusing Radiouser that i bought today, i downloaded a couple of progs mentioned therein. One was PSKmail, and the other KG-ACARS. Neither of which i've had much luck with running. As to PSK mail, i couldn't find any action on 10.147 to try it out. And KG-ACARS was a bit iffy to set up. All the config setting seem to come up with a question mark against them and i couldn't decode anything, even after various trial and error settings to get the prog to listen to my radio. I did get the sound from the notebook so data was going in anyway. looks like it could be a very interesting program when it's running, but it's brand new and written by a Japanese gentleman just like KG-STV. No doubt clear instructions in English will soon appear. I'll keep looking.

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