Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Good day for HAB'ing. 13:06 saw XABEN78: HL1, XABEN0 launched
HL1 on 434.250 and XABEN0 434.300  Both rtty 50bd 600 shift 7n1. However, XABENO was happier on 700 shift initially, then to gradually come down to 620

13:17 HL1 feint on waterfall and audio on phones.  13:20 HL1 Red  13:36 XABEN0 ||||Green
13:43Still not decoding HL1 at 11.764 metres.   13:53 HL1 now green at 14,238 mtrs.  14:00 Both payloads now loud and clear and green decodes. 14:50 now at 30,000 mtrs.  15:00 HL1 is descending by parachute.  XABENO still climbing  35,677 mtrs at 15:04.  15:12 Chute open at 38,744 mtrs and dropping like a stone 74.1 mtrs per second.  15:28 got my last green decode at 8,030 mtrs, then signal suddenly stopped. Apparently there was some sort of reset. Anyway I did briefly see feint waterfall trace before losing altogether.  Successful flight all round I think.

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