Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Monday, 1 September 2014

31/08/04 1542 Bit confusing at the moment. Looks like three flights imminent, but not much info. USBEDS2 Joey and Joey-B

Joey-B apparently transmitting alternate rtty and Turbohab modes, so I'll stick to rtty as I don't have the decoder for the latter

16:00 10 minutes 'ish to launch. The three payloads are on the same flight which will drift S/East, so will come well within my range.  16:34 and we're up and running. 16:52 Receiving red's from UBSEDS2 on 434.639 usb. (Height 2000 mtrs).. 16:54 Green decode @ 2077 mtrs. Waving a bit on waterfall.

17:00 Received Joey green @ 2,780 mtrs  on 434.612 usb.  18:25 UBSEDS1 Frequency drifting too much for AFC to track.-Too weak now. 11.000 mtres and drifting out to sea S/E of me. Could be a bad rf direction for me?.

UBSEDS2 was tx'ng rtty 50/420 8n2 and Joey rtty 50/560 7n2

18:39 Switching to EDUPIC1 on 434.650 usb 434.650 usb 50/380 8n2
19:00 away and weak on waterfall by 19:50-Reds at 3.400 mtrs and Green at 5,201 mtrs by 20:23

22:00 Still greens, but time for my beauty sleep so closed down.  All in all a good days HAB'ing

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