Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Monday, 8 September 2014

Not a bad day yesterday, HAB wise.  Wanted to concentrate on PI_CE1 as it had a camera on board, but also grabbed some data from MAX and SPAVA, two other flights.

PI_CE1 was on 434.350 usb   300 bd 900 shift 8n2
SPAVA on 434.446 usb using Thor16 mode
MAX on 434.425 using rtty 50 bd 275 shift 7n2

Murphy's law said every time I reached packets including the furry pilot, I would miss some *sigh*.  Still, receiving anything is a bonus I guess.  See HAB page for couple of near complete SSDV images.

Here are some screenshots taken from this computer.

Saturday was a washout I'm afraid.  Joey was launched from Cambridge just after 11 am on 434.595 usb using rtty 50 bd 300 shift 8n2    At 11:41 I received Joey on  434.591 waterfall, but climbing in frequency to .596   Height 4,284 mtrs.  13:13 now at 14,862 mtrs and still not decoding.  Now the signal has climbed into a bad interference area on waterfall.  As you see from screenshot I tried to notch as mcsh as I could out.  Joey's 2 trace bars can be seen still..However, to no avail. as at 13:59 Joey popped and descended with still no green decode. I even tried upping the IF gain on the dongle, but no joy.

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