Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bit of catching up to do here.

Ok yesterday was a good day for HAB tracking.  11:37 BALYOLO up from Northampton on 434.502 usb...12:00 very weak at 3299 mtrs altitude..12:00 Ok now, greens at 6252 metres.

 14:16 Still waiting to decode XABENO.  Strange! practically reaching green footprint too..14:36 At last a green decode at 19600 metres. 14:43 Much stronger now.

14:55 Looks like BUZZ is up (Nr Cambridge). 3 payloads but I can't decode 2 of them as don't have the required decoder.  15:00 Feint audio and W/F trace on 434.250 rtty 50 bd 470 shift 7n2.

15:19 XABENO is descending...15:56 BUZZ strong @13174 metres. Been rising in frequency from .250 to near .253 but starting to drop again.. 16:32 21000 metres and lost decodes.. 16:36 Signal coming back. Couple of green's but mostly red's..16:47 Green's again..17:00 Noticed chute open...17:31 4758 metres..17:32 4284 metres (Last green decode(

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