Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Friday, 12 September 2014

Bit of a washout HAB wise today.  Returned from town in plenty of time to set myself up to receive today's flight, which include 5 payloads no less.

LEX on 434.400 rtty 50 bd 425 shift 7n2
KALEL on 434.420 rtty 50 bd 470 shift 8n2.
CLARK on 434.435 rtty 600 bd 880 shift 8n2 SSDV
LOIS on 434.465 rtty 50 bd 470 shift 8n2
OLSEN on 434.480 rtty 600 bd 880 shift 8n2 SSDV

Spent the next couple of hours following the launch at 112:53 trying to decoded, basically anything.
I wanted to grab some SSDV packets at least, but even though I was well inside the footprint I failed to register a single 'Green' from any payload.  All traces were visible on the waterfall, but none were strong enough to decode. I thought I should have decoded Kalel at one point as the signal was reasonable, but even switching to 7n1 that someone suggested was the correct setting, I still failed to decoded any data.

Never mind, always tomorrow.

Anyway, I've been bust since playing with some new software I found mentioned in Practical Wireless whilst in town.  It's called sdrDX and can be downloaded from the following link

Here's a screenshot of mine in action with Funcube Pro+

I have most of it sussed out, but although the record function works I'm only getting the general background and not the voice on playback.  Probably sort it eventually.  Memory function works ok.
I was losing all the settings on shut down/restart, but after reading the instruction properly realised   I had to click off the Funcube first before closing the actual program. All good fun, and free even.  

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