Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Monday, 10 November 2014

Oh nice! here we go again. Equipment failure time.  All I did was delete a pop up add or something, can't quite remember, then I got the blue screen of death on my Aspire lap top last evening. Spent about an hour trying all sorts, including attempts to revert to factory default to no avail.  The damn thing didn't want to boot up.   Tried booting from a back up usb stick that I made just after purchase, but it was not recognised. Very handy!!

Oh well, I thought, that's Windows out.  Decided to use my external hard drive and load Linux instead. Unfortunately this drive was not recognised either, despite pointing the bias at it.  Would appear the lappy hard drive either damaged or infected with something nasty. Either way I seem to be stitched, so scratch one computer until I get in the mood to investigate further.

Unfortunately that computer was running HDSDR and the Funcube dongle, so unless I reroute the dongle to my old desk top and set up external sound card I'll have to knock HAB receiving on the head (The IC-718 feeding the desk top not including the required uhf of course*sigh*)..I'm not really in the mood for radio at present anyway, so it can wait.  My other note book is still decoding sstv and the desk top/718 is running wspr while I concentrate on art.  Having a go at manga at the moment, so can't really bothered to sort out technological problems..

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