Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Monday, 27 October 2014

Not much radio lately as I'm trying to get back into thee art scene. About 20/25 years ago I used to sketch portraits, then the mood left me for some reason.  last couple of weeks I've suddenly felt like having another bash, if only to see if it's like riding a bike lol.  Then again I get bored with radio occasionally so looking for an alternative past time.  Did a couple of pencil sketches (posted on my face book page) but looking around YouTube and chatting to my local art shop owner I thought why not get have a go at colour. I had tried acrylics all those years ago, but fancied something different. I dug out some pastel pencils I had put away at time, never having tried them But they didn't turn me on.  I just happened to notice a cheapo set of water colour pencils ie 2 quid in a craft shop in town, so thought why not give them a whirl, see if I like that idea.

Anyway, after brushing up (no pun intended) on techniques on on You Tube I had a play and decided this was my bag. Today (Monday) I re-visited said art shop in Southampton, and after a long rabbit with the owner, I came away with a nice set of mixed pencils and paints in a box.  Set of brushes and suitable watercolour paper.

I'll be sticking to landscape.  I don't think I could master photo realistic portraits in watercolour, which I would prefer, so not even going to try.  A nice cottage surrounded by stone walling and an assortment of trees and shrubbery thrown in should be manageable....I hope!..(Not photo realistic of course)  Probably start sketching the outline tomorrow as too tired to bother now. As they say 'Watch this space'....

Oh, nearly forgot, I did manage to catch Elysium (HAB) flight yesterday on 434.250 usb rtty 50 bd 560 shift 7n2.  Here's the associated screenshot.
PS. While I'm waving paint brushes about I'll just leave the radio beaconing WSPR  Don't need to get involved then hi....

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