Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Monday, 28 May 2012

How's that for a half an hour's worth of wspr (only showing my own spots).  Certainly more popular than Opera or Ros.

Here's a screen shot of all stations active at the moment. Busy busy!

I really don'y know why I keep bothering, but every time I see a new Linux distro on offer I can't resist trying it.(Ultimate Edition 3.2 based on Ubunto 11.10)  As usual though, I didn't get very far.  This time I replaced the gaming keyboard (A known problem in the past) with a standard one.  However, didn't do me much good as the Monitor went blank and didn't fire up again during install.  Blast!, another 6 quid down the drain. Won't be any good on the notebook as there are cool desk top options that will require a decent graphics card, which the notebook doesn't have.

Picked up a handy little tool from Maplin today though. Got loads of watches in the drawer, that I have not bothered to get replacement batteries for when they expired.  Usually find a new watch that turns me on my that time Hi!.  Anyway, spotting this tool gave me the idea of replacing said batteries myself.  Murphies law says I only have one suitable watch, ie back twist screws off, which turns out handy as it's the only other watch I really still fancy wearing.  The rest either need jewelers screw drivers or forcing the back off.  I tried that once, but couldn't get the damn thing to snap back on again.

Next time I'm in town I'll pick up a CR 2016 3v. No doubt an extortionate price, as batteries are these days *sigh* but at least I'll save on labour cost Hi!.

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