Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Murphies law again, just when I seem to get everything sorted something starts acting up again.

This time it's the upload widget for sstv pics.  keeps freezing.  Had the problem before and had to download a fresh copy.  I'd like to use the sstv prog which is part of the Ham Radio Deluxe suite, but apart from false triggering I notice the last downloaded copy misses incoming pics that mmsstv has no problem with.

I just might call it a day with my online sstv page.  Concentrating more on 'Broadcast' listening/logging lately anyway.  Running RX-SSTV in the background, (Both computers) along with 'Gadwin Printscreen', a screenshot grabber, which allows me to send the latest pics from either 27 or 14 Mhz to cqChat, along with any other reports anyway.

I awoke at 03:00 this morning, so fired up the Roberts that I keep by the bed.  Logged a new station for me called Laser Hot Hits (4014 Khz).  The Kinks, among others, kept me entertained until I nodded off again.

The notebook is still running the PCR-1000, via Ham Radio Deluxe.  However, as the sound is directly from the rig to a pair of amplified speakers, and not to the notebook sound card, it leaves the latter open to connection with the Satellit 750.  Thus feeding any possible 27 Mhz sstv to a minimised RX-SSTV.

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