Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

08:07 local. Another day. Put the rubbish out, Fed the cat, myself and finally got the weather centre set up correctly. Thank goodness for forums. How did we cope before the advent of the internet?.

I remember the days when information could only be gleened from books-if you could find any-and by word of mouth. Talk about the stone age *chuckle*. Then again, are we being saturated with so much information that it has an adverse effect? Spoilt for choice?. When i first became interested in radio, there was only the wireless set. Simple choice. No decisions to make, except i either wanted to play with one or not. Now, there are so many 'black boxes' that are capable of so many modes/frequencies of reception, especially in the Ham field, that i now go round in circles trying to figure which one to buy. Or should say did, as i have now covered most avenues over the years, and the latest kit is largely beyond my financial reach anyway.

Has life become too fast and complicated?. I remember travelling up Malaya to stay over for a bit at my then girl friends place in the jungle. House on stilts, bamboo walls, no tv or traffic noise. Chickens running about all over the road outside. No one rushing about. So laid back and peacefull. Brilliant!. I really didn't want to came back from it all, but at the time the government basically owned me. Back to the rat race, i'm sorry to say. Oh well, back to present.

Couldn't hear that French station experimenting on 136 megs last evening. Too much noise down there, and my antenna is probably not up to it anyway.

Looks like a warm day again, time for a 'Starbucks', check out the mags in Smiths and try to avoid buying the latest toy in Maplin.

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