Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Friday, 17 September 2010

18:03 Local.What am i playing with now?, you may ask. Well i'll tell you. Navtex, that's what. Heard of a program called Frisnit Navtex Decoder V2.1.5, so naturally i had to try it out right?.

Here's a screen shot of it in action

What i found interesting about this program, is not only does it save all the messages to file as indicated on the right of the shot. But it also uploads all messages recieved to an online data base and displays them on a map. This after registering the program and giving my station's name, location of course.

The result can be seen on the next screen shot. The pink icons are the actual navtex stations, but rather than showing which ones my reciever has detected, which i thought would be the case sort of similar to PSK Reporter for instance, the blue icons actually represent the area relevant to the message i have recieved/uploaded instead. Clicking on the icon reveals the actual message. Pretty cool!.

Only managed three different stations so far, and i suppose murphies law says that the conditions are not going to be similar to those of a couple of years ago when i pulled in just about all of area 1 and started on area 2 all in the space of about a month. Still, we'll give it a go.

According to the other computer i've picked up Swaziland on psk31. 3DC. I'll have to check the prefix before i buy that one.

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