Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Sunday, 5 September 2010

08:41 Local. At last i've got in!. For some unknown reason i keep timing out trying to log into this blog. Sooner or later, surely the internet in general is going to hit saturation point and go into melt down with the increasing use by not only pc's but all these new web capable gadgets that are appearing.

Anyway, after running out of ideas on the weather page yesterday i turned to installing that disc i got with the Linux tutorial book on my new notebook. Unfortunately things didn't work out as they did a while back with the desktop.

I inserted the disc into my external usb drive and selected the option for assisted booting. After an age loading a program, and error appeared. Some file missing. Good start!. I then went into the notebook bios for the boot up priority set up. Selected the usb option and tried the disc again. Light flickered on the drive for a short time, then nothing. Windows started up. Nice one!. Tried booting from another Ubuntu disc, again supplied with a mag. Same again.

On the notebook bios, there is only the option to highlight and save the desired source. Unlike the desktop, where it is placed on top of a priority list. I guess the notebook was doing what it was supposed to do as i had used the only option regarding booting priority. Anyway, giving that up a bad job i tried intalling programs to window with the usb drive to satisfy myself it was working, this went without further problem.

Looks like Linux is going to have to wait until i have a spare machine.

Mybe it's time to get back to the main point to my site, ie shortwave listening. Been a bit sidetracked lately and haven't done much in that line, as the log shows.

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