Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Friday, 10 September 2010

16:31 Local. Thought i'd cracked it then!. My jubilation was short lived however *sigh*.

I've been living with sprogs all the way up the spectrum when listening to the broadcast bands.
As an experiment, just now, i started unplugging whatever i could to see if there was any improvement. Turning monitors off didn't help, nor did removing lap top supplies.

Then i though of taking my IC-R20 handy around the house to see if it was interfered with in the same way. It was, even beyond the front gate and into the lane. Logically, that indicated the problem was not being transfered by hard wiring. Now what am i transmitting, i thought .

I'm not sending any rf out on purpose, so what can it be. I don't use any gadgets to transfer info, excepting the weather center. The interference was there before i got that up and running anyway. Then it hit me. The wifi router. Turn the thing off and see what happens. Immediately the sprogs disappeared. Brilliant, i've cracked it. Now all i have to do is hard wire the only lap top using rf to the router. Or so i thought.

I went into the router menus and found a way to disable the wireless option. Turned it off and saved the setting.... Bugger!, the spogs are still there. The router itself is the problem.

Now what?. I can't get rid of the router. So is it the price to pay for progress, i ask myself. Not like the old days, when radio was a joy to listen to before the advent of all these modern gadgets.

looks like the only way to do some really serious listening, is on a portable radio (avoiding mains born stuff from the neighbours) and when everything else in my own house is turned off (Router and computers in particular).

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