Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Haven't really been in the mood for web page work today. Playing with old radio kit instead.

Used to use a program called DStar comms a few of years back. Was donation ware at the time, but soon after a small fee was charged for it. It's basically a prog for sending/recieving messages/mail etc betwen DStar users. Had a beacon facility too. I never did make contact with any station, so eventually gave up.

Now i see that Matt M0DQW has made the latest (Pro version) freeware again, so i can only assume that DStar has not proved popular enough to justify running a commercial site.

Do i set up the software with my 2820 again in the hope it will eventually take off, i ask myself.
Maybe wacking out a beacon every five minutes will catch someones attention. Might try it anyway just to see if the notebook/serial converter can handle it. When the mood takes me, i think.

As to getting the Ui-view working, it does seem a waste of time recieving aprs with a tnc and radio, when a live map is available on the web. I just fancied playing with the old kit again that's all. Bit like the sbs1, as there are various online live mode-s pages now. The internet is handy, but sometimes i think it's taken all the fun out of some hobbies.

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