Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Another day on the 'puter

Eyes down, here we go again.

Actually the site is not looking too bad at the moment, though not being able to change the page colour is winding me up a bit. The stock white just doesn't go. However, there is always the option of building from scratch as opposed to using a template. trouble is, i'm quite fond of the ladybirds walking about my header now.

With the scratchbuilt job, i'll have to sort out a decent logo or find a suitable flash intro. Not easy to find anything with a Ham/Radio theme though. Maybe there's hope yet for altering the stock theme colour. Airing the subject on the forum might illicit a way around the problem.

I'm running sbs1 in the background on this computer, so i'll at least have some logs to upload. However, i cant upload live screen shots obviously as the sbs1 program is naturally minimised.

Shortwave listening has gone by the board also, so no logs there. Could use another couple of computers. I do have another three lap tops, but they are pretty useless for todays applications

An old windows 98 job, bought at a radio rally. Too slow for modern progs. A recon pentium3, also too slow and the original Apple i-book, which i also bought at a rally. Cought a cold there, becausei it was in the days when i was decidedly computer challenged. I'd never had an Apple before and my eyes were bigger than my brain. This was going brand new. Couldn't resist it of course, but didn't realise that it was already obsolete. It is the pre intel chip job, which means i cant install Windows, use a windows emulator on it, or change to Linux either. All it's good for is surfing the net. Even that is a slow process, so it's in the junk box.

Oh well, snack time i think. 73 for now

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