Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Another biz day.

Dug the PK-232MBX TNC (Terminal Node Controller for non hams) out of the junk box to see if i could get aprs (Ui-view) going on my notebook. Naturally the notebook doesn't have the required serial port, so i also found a usb to serial converter in the junk box too.

Wired it all up, feeding audio to the tnc from a scanner tuned to 144.800. Loaded Winpack first so as to get the tnc configured for packet. Switched on and typed * to set the auto baud routine. All went well as i got instant packets on screen. The com port would only work set to 3 on Winpack for some reason, but at least it was working.

Next i loaded Ui-View which, as with Winpack from my archive software discs, entailed plugging in an external drive of course as the notebook doesn't have one. Tried to set up a com port in Ui-view, but couldn't find one to work. Using 3 as before just came up with an error message that, when cleared, shut the prog down. Oh dear!.

Left Winpack running and got back to the web page building instead.

Finally got a guest book i like embeded on a page, so ok there. Added a few more links on the link page (Very time consuming) and did some more to the 'digital' page.

Front page now has live aprs map running after after tweeking the code to center on my qth. This is set to auto track aprs equipped vehicles. I had the option of also tweeking the code to include shipping, but it tends to clutter the page up when defaulted to my area (Solent).

I used to have tx aprs facility a while back, but had to flog the kit when i was particularly skint. I see there is a new KW handy out now with built in tnc/gps which can be used as a i-gate as well. Nice one!. Have to get one of those one day. 400 quid is a bit heavy at the moment though.

Incidentally, i also tried the old PK-12 tnc but no joy on the notebook.

Still giving occasional shouts out on 144.6125 (Digital voice), but no takers.

Oh well, that's another day gone. 73 all G'night

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