Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Friday, 21 January 2011

Fun and games again

Last night i tried to upload latest changes of the site, but 'couldn't connect to server'. Nice one, now what!. I'm already connected to my(Virgin) server, so can't be that. Tried various things recommended, like unticking passive mode. Re-entering all ftp data, Turning the firewall off, turning the anti virus off etc etc, but still no joy. Sounds like the host for the site is not accepting the update to me. Maybe maintenance going on or something. Left it for the night.

Today i still can't get the prog to upload to host, so tried something else to prove a point. Changed the ftp settings to my other host ie and it went up no problem. Obviously something to do with the original host, or the programs inner workings that talk to that server.

I'll give it a bit longer in case it is a maintenance issue, then move over to i guess. Of course if i do that i'll have to change some links. The guest book will have to go again as that is tied to the original url. Bloody nuisance all round. Never had any problems with Namo, my other editor. Been using that for years. Can install it on any computer too.

Could just crap x5 and stick to my old site of course using Namo, but i've grown to like the site made with x5

Oh well, lunch time.

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