Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Decided, whilst nosing the mag's in Smiths, that I would buy the Linux mag that included a disc for the new Ubuntu (14) It had both 32 and 64 bit versions onboard so reckoned I'd be in with a reasonable chance of getting  the 32 bit running on my notebook that had 'Ultimate Edition' installed.

It did indeed install ok, so I proceeded to try and find some ham stuff to run on it.  First wsjtx.  Ah!, first snag.  I have to use a usb to serial converter and I only have Windows drivers.  Search of the forums comes up with how to install Linux drivers from the command console.Managed to do that, as everything appeared as instructed in the console box. My serial converter was recognised and ready to use. Unfortunately wsjtx didn't agree, so couldn't trigger ptt.

On to qsstv. Commanded an install ie 'sudo apt install qsstv' and we're in business after starting from the console ie 'qsstv'.  Ran an audio lead from the DX-394 and waited......and waited. Fired up the dongle/HDSDR and MMSSTV.  Eventually got a pic trigger  appear but qsstv would not trigger ie VIS. Went to manual and hit 'start receive'. A pic, or the remaining part of one did appear.  Tried a few time to get qsstv to run in parallel with mmsstv, but no dice.  I haven't had a really strong VIS to see if that's the problem, so called it a day and switched to installing fldigi.  That appears to work judging by the waterfall.

As I though  might try again with qsstv on the Linux job, I installed HB9HQX's version of jt65-hf on the XP notebook.  I'll work jt65 from there I thought. Wrong again!..The program works great.  Unfortunately I forgot I can't get the time to synchronise on that machine any more.  I get errors with when attempting  on line time updating, and manually setting it goes t*ts up within minutes. Therefore Jt65 and wspr, which both need accurate time running, are out of the question.  That machine, and apparently my Linux machine are only good for receiving data it seems.

The new lappy will not run HB9QX's jt65-hf. (the waterfall freezes half way down) presumably Win 8 compatibility problem, so all in all I'm not having a lot of success.  The old version of jt65 and wspr are about my only options tx wise.  Another crap day at the office lol...

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