Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Friday, 2 May 2014

Ok, I have the page sorted out again. Blogger works and Word Press doesn't, so Blogger it is.  Not Word Press fault I may add, as this computer is well past it's sell by date resulting in all sorts of anomolies. Inability to get sound from SDR-Console being one.  Oh well, at least HDSDR works, and I can still decode data modes via the Akai usb sound card.

Waiting 'till 09:00 before going out. Want to give ML&S a bell, see if they have a Diamond D303 swl'ing antenna in before making a trip up there. Pretty sure it must be more efficient than my wire slung over a small tree. Just don't have the room for proper wire antenna's.. Sometimes lately, when I see the lack of sstv pics coming in, I think my antenna is off line. Yet psk and jt65 seems to be just a strong as ever. Another bench mark I use is Shannon Volmet on 5.505 mhz. That seems ok too. Must just be a quiet spell for sstv that's all. Can't find any reviews of the Diamond, so guess I'll have to take a chance..

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  1. Bottled out with antenna. Can't be sure it will out perform a 60ft longwire, being as it's mostly loaded elements.