Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Monday, 16 January 2012

Well after a morning's work this what I ended up with.

I started out fitting a wireless camera looking at the front door, which was about 20 feet away from the receiver. Had to cut the power lead to extend it of course. Waste of time!. Couldn't even get a picture. Moving the camera closer, ie half that distance, I did get a picture but only after positioning by trial and error.

Next I tried in the car port, Only when the camera was about six or seven feet in a straight line from the receiver, did I get a picture. However, it was not good insofar as there were noise bars floating across the screen.

Decided to call it a day with wireless jobs and dug out my original wired camera again. It produced a lousy picture when last aired, but I took it apart and cleaned the lens and inside the glass. It had been outside in all weathers for years after all. I now hooked this up to my little five inch tv, as shown in the pic above. The over exposed look is due to the camera I took the pic with. In reality the image is ok, and should be ideal at night with it's infra red capability.

On a different note, I hear one of the Alpha Uniform club members has had his collar felt, resulting in his radio being confiscated. That's Mick permanently out of the 'Freenband' scene apparently.

It's a risk one takes, being basically a pirate I guess. Maybe, If Mick is really bitten by the radio bug, He'll not give up and will decide to go legit as it were by sitting the necessary exams. Worth it for peace of mind at least, if your reading this mate.

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