Shack at 02/05/14

Shack at 02/05/14

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Well the radio station I couldn't id turned out to be WWCR from the States. Got the gen from a shortwave forum I belong to.

No radio listening today so far, had to sort out another problem around the house. Managed to drill through the remaining half of the old tree leaning over my fence. Not mine, so elbowed it in the shrubbery further up the lane (something I wouldn't normally dream of doing). Yesterday I noticed that my old lean too shed had given way at one point and was pushing my other neighbours fence out of line. Bugger!, I haven't use that shed in over 10 years as It's full of junk left by the previous owner. Some of the wall had rotted letting the neighbourhood cats in to play apparently as they had moved stuff about so a pile of thick tiles had collapsed and wedged themselves agains next doors fence.

This morning I spent a couple of hours sorting it out, which meant I had to firstly force my way in past a seized up lock and stuff that had fallen behind the door. What with that today and the tree trunk yesterday, my back has stiffened up something cronic *sigh*. Be ok by tomorrow though. Lifes a bitch, right?.

Anyway, radio wise all I've done is upload sstv all day. This afternoon, I just collapsed into my shack chair and watched an old war film 'The enemy below' Robert Mitchum's a destroyer driver hunting a German submarine. Seen it before of course as All the tv films on freeview have been flogged to death. Watched Rigby, rising damp, for the millionth time last night. Still make me laugh though.

Don't usually go much on American sit coms, but I must admit to liking 'The Big Bang Theory'. Sheldon creases me up. Only uk sit com to have me litterally falling about, was Gimme Gimme Gimme with Cathy Burke and James Dreyfuss. Think I'll see if I can find the episode where 'Zippy' Cathy's long lost son turns up on You Tube. Brilliant episode.

Oh well, that's enough waffle for now. Rosey Lea time.

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